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Homework is horrible, why it exists is a mystery
I can understand Flame when he talks about fiction, sometimes fiction is easier to process than the real world. I also can relate to the personas things, I kinda change my persona every school year. YOu know what I can't help but relate almost entirely to him... except about the part about being in love.
Oh Star light you precious caring cinnamon bun
I think maybe star is a hybrid or of both creation and chaos, sue me if I’m getting the words wrong
I feel like Dawn may see him as an enemy at first but then somehow they will become good friends and treat him like a good brother
Is it just me or is misty wearing the symbols of the lizard girl from the first race?
Hmmm I feel like this interaction is like me and my brother
Is anyone else thinking that starlight may possibly be injured! I think that explosion and everything must have really hurt.....
Soooooo, is anyone else seeing that Cyclopes rabbit dpu (it’s coloring reminds me of a type of pokemon)
God I have to agree, he is sorta like Natsu. And congrats on making an account, I finnaly got a photo up for my account
Over protective family members, that’s my life!
Yalini still ain’t used to being pokemon huh
I just had this theory, we only seem to have one sylveon so far and not a shiny sylveon. I remember Sunshine wanting to be a sylveon, so that is my evidence so far that Sunshine will be a Shiny Sylveon even though she is not shiny now I still think it is possible. As for Max he could be a shiny Glaceon, Leafeon, Umbreon or Flareon.
I think it has now been seen that Maycilesis has one word to describe him: Genocidal
Giu and Silvias Mom
Hey guys I am just gonna say it
Gui and Silvias mother was obviously a ditto disguised as a Eveelution I am guessing a Sylveon because I dont now but Franks expression all the way back when he found out Silvia evolved seemed happy but pained. So Im guessing we are gonna find out later in the story anyway but I am just using the clues I have found, so yeah thats what Im guessing he means when he says he has seen worse!
I just love how you made Yalini such a fragile mon, its golden and really pulls the story together
or Laibini..... god why didn't I expect that outcome to be bad
I was literally looking back at the very end like a couple hours ago then went back to reread this entire comic and I find this was uploaded in the very short amount of time I was gone!
I think a lot of people need to realize going through stuff like this is harder than most think. You feel like you wanna die but somehow you are already dead on the inside and everyone is killing you off almost in everyone moment in your life. And you cant help but want it all to be over and let the pain go away, you just want others to be happy and it seems they only would be happier if you were gone.