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Lesbian comic artist, writer/creator/artist of Moon Fish a yuri/lesbian comic. Lover of all TASTEFUL yuri :D
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Moonfish is officially dead (just in-case you didn't know) life got in the way and I was too frustrated with my lack of skill to draw the comic how I wanted, also, lack of any plot WHAT SO EVER meant the comic was just awful and I hated it.

However, I do have a new comic, which is scripted, and all plotted-out already, so it won't be abandoned like Moon Fish, I'm sad to say goodbye to it but I have moved on both artistically and mentally.

The new comic can be found here:

I hope you all come to read it and enjoy it as much (hopefully more) than moonfish.
It's a fantasy genre comic just like Moon Fish, and has it's own share of lady love, only this comic will feature NSFW content, sex scenes and such, as I'm now comfortable enough with my drawings to draw some good old fashioned smut.

You'll notice the main character has white hair just like Lestte, homage to her <3 I couldn't forget her completely.

I am so sorry guys for the long wait, I suddenly had a BAZILLION jobs thrown on me, which is GOOD FOR MONEY, but bad for Moon Fish.


December 30th, 2009
To Jayu
Thankyou very much for the comment :D the house roof weirdness is intentional, 15th century houses, especially for common folk, were poorly built, the roofs have a token "rickity" look, mostly because the wood used bevelled in a short time. thankyou so much for reading <3
December 27th, 2009
Woo I didnt take like forever to do this, just under a month I think ahahhaah terrible but better than usual!

It took a really long time due to the background, FFFF, and I think the end product really lost a lot of detail in some of the panels... ah well, whatchu gonna do.

Hope you guys like this :D I really really appriciate all your lovely comments. <3 <3

Now to try get my comic navigation up on my website....
December 26th, 2009
Thankyou <3
Thanks guys for the lovely comments <3 I'll hopefully have the next page up soon, sorry for the long wait, im so slow I know T_T
December 1st, 2009
Sorry for the wait!
Sorry for the huge ass wait, a lot of stuff has been going on in my life, not bad, very good in fact, and i've been somewhat busy.

Thanks to my wonderful girlfriend who helped me a lot with this page :D and as a result, is the reason it looks this good.
Where to find me elsewhere!
Thought I'd add this for those of you who may be interested :D Ill of course add the pages of other characters when I've finished them :D

I'm in the midst of trying to get the moonfish section of my website up and running 100%, thanks for your patience guys :D

For those of you who wanna see what im up to more often than i post here, add me to livejournal if you have one, if not, MAKE ONE. im at :D I'm more active there atm.
yes yes im well aware about the toes, when i can be bothered fixing this i will, however it was done a long time ago when i wasnt even comfortable with my style, much less had any proper grasp of anatomy.

im sure ill no doubt redo these pages at some point when the errors drive me to insanity.
sorry for the wait
sorry for the huge wait, ive been in hospital and have been very busy in general.

my website is down for the time being, but my livejournal is still up and can be found here:

i hope to get my website back and running again as soon as my hosters decide to recognize that i've paid them for the space. tools. baw.

hope you guys like this page :D
Starting to get back on track with updating this regularly. ENJOY!
Sorry for the HUUUUGE ass wait for this, theres been so much going on I've only just gotten around to finishing this.

For more stuff, my art, and such, visit or my live journal for updates, doodles and pr0nz.

thankyou for reading!
Sorry for such a long wait in updating this, so to show i still care, heres a smut pic myself and a friend did as a collab a long time ago! this is an old pic. (I drew lestte and she drew her OC Roxen, roxen doesn't appear in the comic D: )
please god no? :o please april fools....
April 2nd, 2009
thankyou everyone for the comments :D
to AIDA: oh yeah ahaha i just noticed, its on the wrong side of her foot :o ill correct that X3 thankyou :D ill be posting more pages today most likely.
Old work
This is an old page from the comic, eventually ill update it with new artwork. new pages are 01-04 and 15 onwards.
thankyou very much paradonia :D I will hopefully be posting the first few pages in the next few days, im just reworking some of the first pages :D thanks for your interest!
thankyou so much everyone :D
thanyou twelveOtwelve :D
woah, i love your colour pallet on this :o and the perspective, nice!