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Not only that I think he deserves a raise!
Beer prices are going up-
Perfect expression on the spoon in the last panel!
Is it possible to spoon a fork?
The following is a shameless promotion attached to a comic that has
struck its last cowbell: you may now proceed to click "tweebus".
January 28th, 2006
n'I donunderstand
Having some tune's play on your comic pages is a great idea.
Or if I clicked the panel- the song would play.
I take it this is what you call a fork lift?
Just when I'm starting to believe you couldn't possibly be more demented....
Yes, if you need the latest scoop... ask Ozone-
sheeeeesh! There you are again!
I believe that jacket is reversable.
I know it took a lot of work... which answers my next question- if you plan on doing a large comic like this every page?
The new layout designs are great and do make an impression!
Do you start with the layout first and then try to fit the story in? I guess what I'm asking is, how do write this out?
You guys look familiar.....
were you at the Farmers Market yesterday buying Armenian Kaskatash with extra onions?
Didn't I see that shirt on Miami Vice?
Making a joke at your own expense?
gbc is best when it's at its grungiest.
But I take that's a given....
hey gobbler! I see you've swam safely here from the drowning duck, which it seems, has gasped its last breath.
As you've found out, Smack Jeeves is a great site. Just as good as DD, if not better.
So.... keep on posting.
September 17th, 2005
I just shelled out $4 (my subscription ran out)for the latest MAD mag and read through it in half an hour. It's the Oct. issue and it sucks bad!
Then I read through your strips (for free!) and found 10 times the entertainment and joke value!
Go figure!!
Yeah, I like it! But I don't have a sister! You're not refering to my grandma...are you?