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This is one of my favorite scenes dialog wise, so I'm really glad it turned out so well. Especially Hammal in that last panel: awesome!
Haha, I should use this page to trick yaoi fan-girls into reading this comic. Heheh.
Wow, this is a beautiful page. I'm always worried when I write backstories like this about how they'll turn out, but you pulled it off. Good job Josh!
I think it was a problem on my end (the script). The first two panels look great, IMO, but maybe I should have left the rest for the next page.

is this page longer and skinner than the previous ones?
Ah, would life be worth living if not for my semi-monthly Last Vestiges page? I think not. So remember, if you don't update you'll have me on your conscience.
Nice layout. It manages to fit six panels on a page in a creative rather than crowded way (it's a bad habit of mine to write too many panels per page. Sorry! ^_^;)
April 29th, 2007
This has been a fun comic so far. Fav'd!
Man, Ushi's shirt is cute (I just noticed the bare shoulders, nice touch). I want one!
Usually I hate it when the bad guy feels he needs to explain himself, but Caspar's so cool he can do anything he wants. Bring on the hallucinations!
This is a beautiful page to end the chapter with. Great work!
April 22nd, 2007
Hey, thanks! :D
Holy cupcakes, that is a beautiful setting. And Edward looks so anguished...I think this is my favorite page yet ;_;.
A made up word from Ushi's made-up language (though it's supposed to sound vaguely German or Scandanavian). Feel free to use it as an insult in real life (it's fun to say).
March 10th, 2007
27 days later? That's almost '28 DAYS LATER.' In fact, a lot about this comic is almost 28 Days Later, or reminds me of something else. The art is fantastic: very detailed, great shading and paneling, but the story so far feels stale and recycled.
March 10th, 2007
Hmm, it reminds me A LOT of 'Walking Dead.' I don't have the book handy to compare, but the second big panel at least is exactly like when Rick wakes up in the hospital. still, it looks cool, so I'll keep reading.
The plan is to change artist every chapter (there's someone working on chapter three right now). PockyMonster just wanted to do a short story, and it just grew from there.

Thanks for reading :)
November 25th, 2006
Cool comic!
This remids me of the story of Jesus and the women at the well, only except for water that will get rid of your thrist forever, it's soap. Nice modern take on it.
September 17th, 2006
Yay, a new page!
I always thought they should have brought Vincent on the raft as an emergency food suply...this never occured to me. Yeah, this one was a little too vulgar, but I liked (or loved) the rest, so I'm going to fav.