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Heh, heh, heh, heh. This one is way funny. I like it. xDD
Ooh. That's a good one. The perspective is a bit skewed, but since this is just a sketch, whatever. I like the concept of "mouse" or "mice" every once in a while. xD
Oh! This one looks really good! I don't know what colors I was expecting, but I certainly didn't expect a setting sun in the background. Awesome work, Pinali! :D
o_O I forgot to comment on this, though I think I sent you a message. Lol. But yeah, you've got it down. ;)
You know those lines in the last panel? Hand-drawn. But anyway, for all of my pages, when I resized them to work on in photoshop, I realized that if I wanted them to look like they originally did (like not distorted and all), then I had to add some lines to the page to keep the pages even.

For all pages, I had to kill my right hand by drawing in photoshop. It was worth it though, I guess. If you guys haven't already noticed, I try to keep all my pages the same height and width. X)
Ahahaha. Hey! I'll tell you all a secret. I actually messed up on this page. Like...literally. But I didn't realize that until after I'd saved my picture as a jpg and then deleted the photoshop picture and emptied out my recycling bin. I won't tell you guys what the error is though since the error still makes the story make sense anyway, even though it's an error. XD
Lol. You know, his chin on this page was originally sharper like the front cover. But then I realized that he looked way too different on page four, so I decided to delete his chin in photoshop and reconstruct it in photoshop so that it looked similar to his face on page four. XD

Can't really do anything about the front cover though, unless I wanted to re-color everything and all. But since I like the cover as it is (well, maybe it could use a little work on it), I'll just let it be.
Hmm... Well, not much to say except that the next few pages will take a while to come out just because. Hey, my real life still exists. If that weren't the case, I'm sure I'd be releasing page after page continuously. With a few hours in between for the works and all, of course. XD
Ahahahah! Wow. First comments always makes me laugh because of something. XD
So like...all you need to know is that I spent a lot of hours on this. Lol. But it turned out good, so yeah. XD
Eh. I'd like to have at it. Could my character be made up now? As never existed, and will now exist or something? I mean...when I think about it, I do have quite some stuff I'm protective about...though they're not really out of the ordinary.
Nyah! I haven't drawn in two days, so when I drew this today, I felt great! Especially since this turned out so nice. XD
Lol. Thanks for the compliment. I hope you'll read future comics. XD
Lol. I really only like the first three boxes. And the last one. XD
Ahahah! Omg. I know what you mean. Nice to hear you laughed. XD
Done! Alas, no more slaving over this story! Lol. This thing took months to complete, if I think about it. Or maybe just a month or two. But yeah, it took forever. Now I have to worry about updating my stories, so I'll start my next mini-comic some time later. Hope you all enjoyed it while it lasted! XD
Gagh! The front cover took me so long to finish! I am still new at all of this coloring stuff, so bear with me. I'm also new at making my comics look like a comic, so, again, bear with me. And if the comic's confusing ('cause my younger sister didn't really understand it)...well...I can't really help at this point in time, unless you'd rather not figure things out by yourself and would rather I just explained things. XD
Yeah...this was the second page to my 'actual comic.' Of course, it's not anymore, but whatever. Umm...for some reason, I adopted Kishimoto's Naruto drawings. Gugh. Seriously. I've adopted a LOT of drawings from other artists, like my two Persona-looking characters. This Kishimoto drawing just bit the cake.
Bahahah! I made this the start of my actual comic. Decided later on, NAH! I'll think of something else. Heheheh. I like the dudes though. So awesome. XD
OMG. Now THIS became my best picture after my best picture. I even started coloring a photocopy with markers. And the stupid orange marker bled onto my original picture, which infuriated the hell out of me. Good thing I could edit it on the computer...otherwise... Yeah. The two bottom pictures kinda look weird. XP