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Hi, I like comics about pokemon, wolves, and occasionally other stuff. Welcome to my cliche world of failed comedy! :3
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    Just call me Lucky for short ;)
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@DarkFlameOSecrets: She is testing whether the hammock is perfectly balanced and suits this universe
*insert to be continued meme here*
Not even her Mom... jeez Briar...
Lol I love this comic so far! The artstyle is really cute and the story is interesting, as well as it having a good sense of humor! XD
To anyone: What's your favorite region?
I like the characters so far
hehe i see the reference here ;)
I know Eve's pain
@Pokemon151: Lost my tablet pen, so I'm gonna have to find that first rip
I'll probably just work on the next few pages non stop once I find it to make up for the lack of updates ;-;
@SeahDaLunatic: I got Greenpaw
(Also, I didn't know pro knitting was a sport XD)
Lol Homeward Bound is also a film name
Maybe he stole the last cookie in the jar before Mars could.
It's a reasonable explanation.
He must feel disappointed after doing all that work and only being level 4 rip
Ayyyy it's back!