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Hi, I like comics about pokemon, wolves, and occasionally other stuff. Welcome to my cliche world of failed comedy and absolute cringe! :3
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    Just call me Lucky for short ;)
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September 14th, 2019
woah 2nd panel is really cool
Ding dang it Speed you interrupted Lazuli's confession!
"ye sons of a biscuit eater" I'm sorry but that's just too perfect XD
Congrats!! Also be sure to stay safe if the hurricane hits! >.<
Ahhhh so cute !!
The first panel reminded me of that "Why are you running" meme lol
August 21st, 2019
Must say I relate to waking up at almost noon quq
Don't see why you're not happy with the shading, it looks pretty good!
August 21st, 2019
this is the best comic to ever exist.
no questions asked
Oh wow Leaf what a smooth entrance
Cameo: Salvadore the Sylveon belongs to SomeoneOnTheInternet
@Pokemon151: Thank you ^w^
I was wondering when we'd see the Riolu from the cover, lol
To everyone: Now that you've beaten the game, what are you gonna do now?
@Volt the fox :3: yesh u can say another character :3
Oof sorry for the Hiatus, procrastination has affected my brain cells, they've gone down to -9
Anyways a page where Leaf suddenly gets a massive emotion change and spots some random shop yay
Salvadore the Sylveon belongs to SomeoneOnTheInternet
Cameos will most likely appear more than once so ya

hope u likey
@IconicAnemone: ss-808751268
Idk how the link's gonna be this time, but if it doesn't work then you're gonna have to copy paste it into google, sorry rip
If dat doesn't work I have link to DA and then u can find it there. Sorry I have no idea what's happening, I've tried a bunch of things but they ain't working for me quq
Anyways, tell me if anything needs changing and I will put in comic as soon as possible!
I also added the Dustox and Leafeon 'cause why not yeye
@Cafi: ipom-cameos-808751721
Tell me if anything needs changing, I will put in comic as soon as possible! ^w^
the links have been acting weeeeeeeeird so it might not work properly dawfbwuofiulnfi
I think u have to copy paste de link manually sorry