Rage Nakasa

Rage Nakasa

Real Name: Aaron Summers
Gender: Male
Web Site: http://www.drunkduck.com/McChocobo_Restarted/

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Comment on Chapter 7 - 356 of Growth
Rage Nakasa, 29th Apr 2008
the kitty...
I guess they can't cook... oh boy...
Comment on Chapter 7 - 355 of Growth
Rage Nakasa, 28th Apr 2008
Sooo Cute!
I love this page. I so want to use this parring in my comic... sprite comic...:( I wish I could draw.
Comment on Chapter 7 - 354 of Growth
Rage Nakasa, 24th Apr 2008
This made me feel good. I love this comic. also may I use this parring Idea for my McChocobo's Comic?
Comment on 37: "Unpop-able Bubble...?" of Megaman Xtream
Rage Nakasa, April 24th, 2008, 5:06 pm
Nice comic. Have you thought of going to drunkduck?
Comment on Chapter 7 - 353 of Growth
Rage Nakasa, 24th Apr 2008
This is an awesome comic. You should post on Drunkduck too.


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