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Just a Major Nintendo fan. I'm here for the long haul and fresh content! I am a wiz on all things Nintendo, feel free to ask questions. My favorite games are Splatoon 2, Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, and EarthBound. And... Please try EarthBound if you haven't already, it's 100% worth it!!
@Ngamer01: You seem to know this stuff and the in and outs... just wanna get reminded about this. Isn’t the Special chapters 10,11, and 12 going to be to solve all the “problems” and stuff. And Chapter 6 will kinda be the reboot? (Expect I personally think the comic is AWESOME anyway it goes.) Sorry for asking a-lot, haha.
I know what you are talking about... *wink wink*
Flare would probably tell Leafy first I think, he kinda has already...
The Plot thickens even more.
Happy late Birthday by the way, PKM-150.
If that happened there would be two Flares! Time and space would collapse and shatter altogether, and that can’t happen because this the the main universe.
Eeveelution Squad is my Favorite Story in the whole world! Thanks for making this awesome Story @PKM-150!! Keep up the great work!
Rin looks cozy. They are snuggling like Flare and Leafy... soooo CUTE!!
The other Solar Flare is here as well...
@DatEveeBoi: All of them!
Flare and Leafy are just PERFECT together!! Thinking about the alternate universes soon maybe the destiny to save the world from the virus... poor Flare, it's the a good thing he has Leafy there by his side, through thick and thin. I wonder when he'll tell Leafy and the others about everything...? The answers to come and PKM-150 sees the need. Keep up the great work PKM-150!
They are perfect together!
Thanks for making my day with this adorable and cute page PKM-150. 🍟
I like to believe Legendaries and Mythicals can live longer than the Average Pokémon.