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Just a Major Nintendo fan. I'm here for the long haul and fresh content! I am a wiz on all things Nintendo, feel free to ask questions. My favorite games are Splatoon 2, Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, and EarthBound. And... Please try EarthBound if you haven't already, it's 100% worth it!!
He put it in while he was hugging her one time or something said PKM-150.
So Frost is "Shard" now... Interesting.
Frost is Alive now, he HAS to forgive Speed! Btw, Frost lost him Memory.
Nevermind me lol. I thought he was stretching, but he's just on Gai's back. 😛
Guys. Speed is stretching!
Nothing new about Pokémon Masters yet that I know of. Whenever a new Pokémon game comes out the Pokémon I always will aim for is Wigglytuffs!!
@TeranganPkmtrainer: Thanks! I saw it ages ago, it was Cool and Okey.
EarthBound/MOTHER2's Ness is not Undertale's Sans, but EarthBound/MOTHER2 : Halloween Hack's Ness turns out to be Undertale's Sans instead.
Oh... okay. I get what you are saying now, and I Agree.
Speed's past has already been revealed, in Special Chapter 1.
I saw the video! It was Amazing!
Okay...? So is this Confrimed in this Universe or is it a Theory?