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Just a Major Nintendo fan. I'm here for the long haul and fresh content! I am a wiz on all things Nintendo, feel free to ask questions. My favorite games are Splatoon 2, Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, and EarthBound. And... Please try EarthBound if you haven't already, it's 100% worth it!!
Interesting, another awesome page!
Jolteon Rekt Count : Reset after "death"...?
@DarkEevee117: Go to PKM-150's DeviantArt and look through the Journals. One of them provides Mollie is The Trio's mother, just thought I'd help you out friend. ^0^
The Ship is Confrimed!!
Interesting, that makes sense.
@PokeMash: You're probably right friend.
Adorable! Keep it up PKM-150!
Interesting... yet strange, cool!
A sorry won't help...
Flare and Fluffy! This is THE World!!
Flare... how even did you gain the knowledge of Alternate Universes so quickly?? And... yeah we know that you are the one that will save the world and what not but... that quick to gain knowledge. O-or is it Fluffy in control?