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oh geez, August act natural
Hey guys thanks for being patient with this update I had a bad family situation that happened last week and I wasn't able to work on the new page up until now. Also if any of you guys live in Arizona I will be at Saboten-Con at the end of the month from Aug 30th- Sept 2nd so please come and say hi if you're there!
August... buddy it's not gonna be in the bush...
Updates every other Tuesday!
Consider checking out my Patreons $5+ Patrons supporters are 10 pages ahead of the public update! (It only gets more angsty from her folks!)
hey guys~
Thank you guys for being patient on the update I've been doing a couple of conventions the past few weeks which has made updates a tad slow. Thank you to everyone who has come by to say hi to me and that have purchased the comic it really means a lot :D
Thanks you guys so much for reading and enjoying my comic
Get those tough stains out with Oxiclean