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Hey I'm Cam! I do stuff and make things!

tumblr: @camraz
twitter: @beesykneesy08
hey all!! update's a little shorter this week cuz it was necessary to get the timing of the scene right; next week'll go back up to 3-page updates though! we're nearing the end of this episode!!
@dweeb: I'm doin my best not to!! thank u!
hey everyone! thanks for being patient with this update getting pushed back!! I'll do my best to update as consistently as possible as we approach the end of episode 1!
@Gamegod018: thank you so much!! <3
@bwooom: yeah hes the worst
@ursidanger: :,,,) and i love YOU sug
@bwooom: i like oatmeal usually, but grits tastes like wet butter at best and sand at worst
both of them are super cute and this looks so good so far!! <3
@bwooom: mutiny is prankster's middle name
updating a little earlier this week cuz I'll be busy with graduation tomorrow!
@bwooom: the recent eps were so good tho so tbh i think they'll tide me over till september... i love u della.... and drake....
i dont blame u dt17 is fantastic.... especially the latest darkwing ep I :,,)
@mielzy: for the life of me ive never been able to find the fill bucket on procreate so ive always colored by hand anyway :,)
As someone with epilepsy it's really cool to see an epileptic character depicted! Also I'm really enjoying your comic so far!! <3