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Hey I'm Cam! I do stuff and make things!

tumblr: @camrazstuff
twitter: @beesykneesy08
@bwooom: i like oatmeal usually, but grits tastes like wet butter at best and sand at worst
both of them are super cute and this looks so good so far!! <3
@bwooom: mutiny is prankster's middle name
updating a little earlier this week cuz I'll be busy with graduation tomorrow!
@bwooom: the recent eps were so good tho so tbh i think they'll tide me over till september... i love u della.... and drake....
i dont blame u dt17 is fantastic.... especially the latest darkwing ep I :,,)
@mielzy: for the life of me ive never been able to find the fill bucket on procreate so ive always colored by hand anyway :,)
As someone with epilepsy it's really cool to see an epileptic character depicted! Also I'm really enjoying your comic so far!! <3