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I like Eddsworld, OFF, animals, cereal, Undertale, (some) Indie music, Queen, and Abba.
My hobby is drawing. It's my favorite thing to do, and I've gotten better.
I have no job, but I'm planning on becoming a famous(ish) YouTuber in the future.
My grammar will be bLeHhHh when commenting on comics.
I'm a G I R L.
I play Roblox everyday. My user is Winx258 (oof, it's an old user from 2013, so shushy)
I'm 13. But, I am NOT sensitive to cartoon gore/blood, along with other mature things.
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1, tOm ThE dJ mAn
2, dicc's pan? :0
3, p a r t y t i m e
i didnt even notice his face was fixed-
tom's face:
to "-_-"
to "angrey or sumthin >:0000"
slike whoa ther e -
oh shizzle.

i had to scroll so freaking much to get he r e -

he looks cooler with he visor tbh hseujnndldkabfk-
@Guest: *sees dude rite behind him* das not- *looks closer an sees tommiboi* o U H -

now listen here, jorg, u lil shet

u hurt matt, i hurt u
beep boop

imma take a poop

in ur hand
@Anonimous: i kno riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite