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not much to say, just read my comics and enjoy life. And if you cant read, then why are you looking at this site?
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Oh good they are bringing enough presents for everyone to have one. I was worried there would not be enough to go around
Portal stuff happens again. This is why all portals are bad all the time.
Where does he work again? Some cabbage farm?
Clones always cause problems. You look away for two seconds, and one of them is stabbing you in the back to take over your life
And so Christmas was saved thanks to the robot power-rangers with moon powers from another dimension.
Oh god what idiot made this page?

... Oh right.

Last Seen Event:
@Marcus The Hedgehog: The aliens have discovered our amazing technology of masks. They can hide among us now and we will never see them coming.
@Chaos Master: God dammit panty. who said you could use that robot? Your creating so many problems for other universe
Stop making things so awkward and get out of here! They clearly have old man science to do!
This is why you make duplicators look like mops. When's the last time someone used a mop. No one uses mops anymore.
awww, well there goes my work. Who did this?
Yay page. Portal machine sprites to be posted soon.

And yes, Galaxy Man and portal dog are still around. they are just off panel right now
Everyone knows the blank world police is just a guy wearing a hat with the word "cop" on it.

No wait, thats the police where I live.

Been dealing with alot of stuff in my life lately. Between health problems, family, and the death of a family pet, it has not been a good time for me as of late. But I think I am now past the worst of it, and as such will try to get back to being more actively involved.
And then she comes out of the bathroom *which btw is what that door is for* and the hijinks begin
Ah im sure he will be fine
@Chaos Master: Indeed, and I also posted about this on the forums. At least one of the people involved in this noticed the post as they responded. However, it seems the message has still not gotten through to everyone. I'd really REALLY hate to do this, but the people involved aren't giving me much more choice but to message the admin about this. Unless of course the people involved want to stop, before it comes to that.
@kmarwx: Making updated banner. I will try to have it up tomorrow if I can. Having computer difficulties

@Sike: see above comment