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Fwipp Deathspeeder
Hello out there in television land! You're probably viewing this from... well I don't know, but really- there's nothing I can say that you want to hea- er.. read.

My webcomic's called "The Ice Star Caper". Maybe you'll check it out? I warn ya though- it's about characters from my forum, in sprite form. Going on a quest to get back some item, currently on it's second season. Starts out rocky, but I think it goes well. 'course I'm the author, so no wonder why I said that.

Anyway- want a description? I play video games, rp as a Shadow Demon, and frequent Lemmy's Land Forum. That's all you'll get.
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Other than that... it was alright I guess.
*brick'd yet again for thinking they represent those -censored- labels*


Then again, if he stole their clothes, that'd be funny too... or would it? *shudder*
Love triangle?



Oh wait, for it to be a TRUE triangle, there'd be three sides, so... *brick'd again*
Ha ha, jumpy...



She could also take that another w- *brick'd*
Woah, nice use of effects there!
Heh heh, that was a pretty good assosiation.
...Who eats tomatoes with butter?

...and what is Luigi implying... *shudder*
...There. I re-did the entire thing... sorta looks like what I had originally, only not quite. But it works which is what counts.
Wow, your effects are really snazzy!
Heh, you gotta love meat shields.
Author... with a chainsaw... *sigh* alright, maybe this one's okay. But really, the art is terrible. At least you acknowledge it.
Personally, I believe my computer has been infected with spyware. Plus, I have no software to check. Curse you, fickle trial runs!
Alright, that was funnier than the one with the debris. Nice use of "it's NOT a bump".
Okay, now that one I found funny.
Don't give up on them so willingly, I'm just working with more... demanding plot twists at the moment.

Truthfully... I forgot about them. The only one dead in this comic so far is Darth Spine... who was a filler character anyway.
Well, here's another in the same day! Aren't you all lucky!

The first two were a sinch, but the issue of what to do what the rest... then I was reminded that Hark and Vyucs just seemed to dissapear, so... here we are! Had to make it longer to make the joke perfect. Enjoy!
Bet you're glad Mezzy made those sword attack sprites, eh?
It says on the card it's the wrong picture, I did it blue because anyone knows, if it's a skull you'd think it'd be black, but it's an artifact, so it should be colorless! But since it was made in MS paint, it's the wrong color. It's a joke.
My Card
Close! It's one of those beings inside the "cursed" black chests of Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door.

The only good thing about this card is if you slip it into somebody else's deck... it's like the Unhinged "Letter Bomb"... only worse. Some may call it cheating, but I call it a victory!
I'm guessing that should be "fire" and not a golfing term.