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I believe it is...
This perfectly sums up my experience with the Toad Man games...
well great, now thier like protoman...
yeesh, you guys seem to be having a hard time against this guy.

*in oldtimer voice*
In my day, we'd erase characters who hit thier white space rulers...
probably shouldnt have said that Tails...
glad to see it came back while i was busy elsewhere again. have fun with the crusher!
uh huh...yea sure Knucks.

btw, you guys are still fighting.
*munching popcorn*

Called it! This is great. is he gonna be in for a surprise.

*grabs popcorn*
see, this is why folks should be nicer to sentient AI's. they usually end up coming back to try and kill you later if you do stuff like that.
why are my nuzelocke senses tingling?

i have a feeling someone is going to die.

or suffer another major injury...
Maybe later Forte...but yea, that joke is getting used by me sometime soon...
quite a bits happened since i've been away.

and now to say what i would have said had i been here when Pam revealed her role.

I so totally did not see that coming...
looks like i finnaly caught up just in time for a hiatus...

now what do i do?
man i ve missed a lot since ive been away.
oh shit.

a demon lord attacking a holy digimon city.

that actually seems like a bad idea to me.
when did koichi and takuya ever agree when the fate of the world wasnt in the balance?
wizardmon becoming an imperialdramon?

havent they already.

sorry if this comes off kinda dickish, but can we just forget about this already and move on.
to X
Do you consider the golden armor to be the first ultimate armor