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September 19th, 2012
I randomly logged in today(to procrastinate on doing my homework x'D) and saw this update >u< <333 I hope your wrist is in tip top shape again~ Although we all love this comic and all the hard work you put into it, we wouldn't want you to be in pain for it. ;o;

Oh yes, the ultimate battle between men is to search for cake and eat it. xD It feels like everything is coming around full circle with how the story started out with cake and how it might end with it. However this time, Charon and Deian are in the place of the ninjas. xD

I want both Charon and Deian to win >__< Lets hope that nobody gets punched by Melia and everyone ends up happy xD I'll just wait patiently to see what happens next 8V

Also, I want to say how I love all the expressions on these two pages.<3 Especially Melia's face in that last panel xD
Yay new page~ and new background for the website. :D

And lol at the alternate text page. xD
Deian, if you're trying to spy you might want to pick a less obvious spot. xD These pages are beautiful as always, keep up the good work. :D

These past couple of days I've been rereading UTENSIL and I fell in love with it all over again. >u< I had a big silly grin the whole time from all the laughs and warm feelings it gave me <3

You've improved so much over the years, Pompi. I'd give you a pat on the back if I could for all the effort and dedication you put into this story but accept my internet hugs instead~

I'm sad that it's ending but I also want to see how it ends. xD So update it when you can but don't push yourself too hard. We'll be patient~(or at least I will, don't want to put words in other people's mouths xD)
November 14th, 2011
Deian, I just want to smack you on the head for not taking that chance to talk it out with Melia xD Also Melia looks so adorable in that last panel and these pages, as always, are very lovely <333

I downloaded chapter 1 and love it <3 Makes reading it flow much better without having to wait for pages to load. Though way back then I had dial up so it's not that bad now.

It also reminded me of how Charon regarded Deian and Melia as stalkers xD I think they may have leveled up to friends, it's hard to tell with Charon though. I guess I have to wait and see until he shows up in this chapter.
Poor Deian, he gets tormented like every other page xD

Also, I love Melia's victory pose in the first panel <3
Of course we'll be patient and wait <3
Oliver's shortness is greatly shown here on these 2 pages xD Or is Miss A just really tall? Either way he's still short xD

And I'm liking the side character cast page, it helped refresh my mind of some of them and also made me laugh :D
This short comic is sooo sweeeeet<3 Even if it was just a dream, we all know Jirou will somehow make it come true xD
These pages look awesome <33 And it wouldn't be Utensil without the randomness xD
This page looks amazing <3 Deian how can you forget something so important? You even got punched for it xD

I can't speak for everybody else but I know I'm patient enough to wait for the pages :D
I've been away from Smackjeeves for so long that I've missed like 20-ish pages worth of updates D; But I guess the good thing was that I was left in a giggling fit after constantly seeing Jirou's and Oscar's awkwardness xD It really brightened up my day. Don't stop being awesome Romanshoubu, I love this comic <333
I know it's late to comment, but I'm so happy that I won >u< I'm glad this made the judges laugh and I got the characters spot on, I wasn't so sure that I would xD

Congrats to everyone else that participated, I can tell you guys put a lot of hard work into your artwork.

I wish I could've done a better comic but I will make a picture for the comic before it ends, especially now that I'm out of school and have a lot of free time. >D
It's very late but Congrats Salis, I love this picture :D
I agree with the judges that this picture does give a different side of UTENSIL but it still fits with it since it does have drama, though with humor. I love how they are all holding utensils xD

I like the picture a lot, you did a good job angiechild. :D
I've been away from Smackjeeves for sooooo long, that I missed when you posted the winners ;n; Sorry Pompi, I'll go back and comment on those pages >_<;

I'm sad to see things nearing it's end with UTENSIL ;__; but it's been an awesome run and I can't wait till the final pages are up to read them. Do you have plans for any other comics? I know a while back you said that they won't be the same as UTENSIL but I'll be happy to see and read it when it is up. :D
I just want to hug Oscar now ;n;
I love how Alex is just nonchalantly stabbing away while Vivien is in extreme fight mode and Oscar looks like he's about to collapse at any moment. It's like nothing can faze him. Though with his type of personality I guess I should of expected it xD
I agree with Breadsticks, everything in this comic is so interesting. It keeps me on my toes and updates are always a delight <3

Also, I love this no name character. Maybe more than Jirou...nah, that's impossible, Jirou is too adorable xD
lol I love these little extras more and more with each new update. We get to see more of Deian's true colors xD But I am starting to fear for you life Pompi xD

And those prizes sound awesome. It seems more than fair, you spoil us too much xD I'm sure those who also entered will feel even more excited now.
February 6th, 2011
lol xD Well Deian knew it'd be coming so you can't find fault with Melia. It's still hilarious though. xD

And why must you keep us in suspense Pompi? D;