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PLANNED SCHEDULES;; hopefully I can follow this but I am also trying to get a RL job so maybe not.

★ f(x) oneshot
-- "Nampyeon" updated once a day, should finish on July 4th if there are no delays.
-- New LunToria oneshot should begin on July 11, update once a week.
-- KryBer oneshot may switch places with LunToria...
★ Circumstances
-- currently re-storyboarding.
★ Synchronicity
-- Hiatus. This story is my baby, so I WILL restart eventually. :c
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June 29th, 2010
I like how wide open the girls locker room is. Walk by casually, see Abbi shirtless WHOO!

anyways updates YAY I AM SO HAPPY
No update tmr.
Sorry, I'll be busy all day so :c I might upload two on Sunday though, just so I can still finish on ~*July 4th*~ SO AMERICAN

anyways I hate this page it is so rushed because I am a lazy faggot when I am not busy ;___; also if I had shoujo bubbles, I totally would have raped that first panel with them. someone should give me links to screentones again

@cupEcake; ahaha yeah that's true ; v ; I'm really happy right now so ahh thank you <33 hahaha I love drawing Sulli's bracelets!! it is actually kind of fun?! but hard to remember /inconsistent LOL;;
@Saikoh; thank you!! :'D I'm pretty sure I'll finish so fasjfaols /tries my best

I'm probably not gonna update until Wednesday at least. I have two job interviews tomorrow and I've been freaking out and I can't draw decently so ;___; sorry guys!!
Oh Soojung what are you doing...
this page was fun 8D;;

@cupEcake: Ahah yeah she looks okay after a thousand tries... but I still get frustrated XD;; thank you so much though ; 3; especially for always commenting hnng you're cool bro :'D <3
@guest: LOL;;; I... I guess hahahaha but this is supposed to be JungLi anyway 8D;; next story will probably be KryBer though!!
@Puck: F(X) FANS ;___; <3333 ahhh thank youuu <33
I'm trying to fix my sleeping pattern, so I will probably update when I wake up instead of 2 or 3AM like it has been lately <___<

also gosh this page is a total wreck sorry. It has everything I can't draw: perspective, background, people's backs, butts, holding hands, Sulli. ;___;

@febu; IT FEELS LIKE RABUUUUU /cliche comic is cliche |D
Sulli, you are so difficult to draw. :'c /wrist
I had a lot of trouble with this page :'c I don't like it.

Updated the banner at the top and also the members page! it's all pretty now. I will add actual drawings later instead of cheating and using photos |D;;

@cupEcake: I love drawing profiles ; 3; I think I do it too much LOL
@Febu: Oh u~ <3333
lame, I didn't get to go to the fair :/ sigh.

thanks 55+ watchers c': also yay guess who that is~ it only took 10-11 pages for the other half of the main pairing to even show up OTL

@cupEcake: OHMYGOSH I know exactly what you mean. 8| I hate it when people call her ugly because she's like, super super adorable ;___; did you see her llama face UGH CUTEEEeee
@DemonicYuuki: eee thank you ; v ;
@Indui: awwh thanks! >u< tbh, I don't even watch all of their interviews so sometimes I just feel like I'm just doing what I like with their personalities LOL;; orz
going to the fair tomorrow~ \('v')/ so again, a little early update.


@cupEcake; chibi-Luna is my favourite ;m; socute
@smiles; LOL <__< /BUILDS UP HOPES?!
won't be around to update this in time tomorrow so here's the next page a liiiittle bit early :D

Luna isn't that much shorter than Amber but I always draw her so midget-sized...
next two or three pages is a little bit KryBer-ish LOL sorry JungLi fans like Book who are waiting so patiently <___<

can you tell I am a ship jumper /unloyal

quote refers to a super old Krystal UFO found here: before Sulli got promoted and Amber got reduced to just a slave~
Pssh and I wanted to try keeping a decent backlog... oh well.

Thanks for the comments and faves! :'D I'm so happy to find f(x) fans here LOL

Uwaaah I wasn't expecting to find a f(x) fan on this site @___@ <333 you have gained auto-cool points.
Cute Chibi Krystal in panel 4 makes up for ugly-drawn Krystal in panel 2 <___<

Okay so I've decided on an update schedule~ I'll post one page a day until it's done LOL (so this will go for like 20 more days) and then I'll start a new story soon afterwards 8D sound good?
It is 5AM so this is the last one for today.

There is no update schedule for this yet but I'll try to finish as quick as possible!!

oh um. "unnie" is what them korean girls call other older girls. a term of ~*RESPECT*~ I think /not korean
doop doop. this doesn't seem very JungLi so far LMAO but Sulli appears after ten pages <____>
JungLi fluff~

This is 24-page story about when Krystal called Sulli her husbando in hello f(x) episode 4. "Nampyeon" is "husband" in Korean (apparently idrk LOL).

forgive the rushed art, just trying to finish something for once. P:
Wow what a wall of text yeah I'm adding to it.

Thanks everyone who commented on the previous filler you guys rock so hard <33

unfortunately it is 530 AM and I really need to go to sleep so I'm just gonna throw a collective thank you to most of you ;A; you know who you are orz

WHAT I still love this layout ;A; I will love it forever no matter what.
I do want to change the top banner though LOL OTL MY UGLY OLD ART BURNS MY OWN EYES

I was NOT expecting anyone to mention my Magnet PV here LOL FJASLGH guh t-thank you ;A; <33
lmao I ate, slept, and breathed Magnet while I was drawing that thing and I'm still gay for that song. :c

omg i love/hate you guys
AHHHGG whyyyyyyy for the love of air you guys suck/rock/make me feel like a douche. ;A;
hnnng thx gais ILU ALL

ah so anyway small update that may or may not be good news: I'M NOT GONNA RESTART AFTER ALL LOL orz
I was going to, honest, and I did waste life drawing the first two new pages, but then I realized. My script sucks ass. IDK THE NEW VERSION WAS SO BORING notthatthisoneismuchbetter but yeah. I can't seem to change it without wanting to kill myself. I suck at slice of life shit like this so please don't expect something epicly epic, my beloved 120+ fans :c

So I should be updating about the end of Aug/start of Sept-ish. But we all know how I am with updating. If anyone wants to badger me about it FEEL FREE PEOPLE because constantly asking when I'm going to update makes me actually work on this shit more since I feel bad LOL /sob

And before anyone points fingers, fuck yes, this filler is inspired by the joy that is Hourou Musuko (that cover for chapter 55). Takatsuki/Chiba is my OTP in that manga after those chapters and while Riley/Madison have pretty much nothing in common with them besides all being girls this was still one of the cutest things ever and I could not stop myself. Also because it is extremely hot here lately and I want brisk cold weather so bad (BUT HAWAII IS ONLY SUN AND RAIN FOREVER /dies).

... Mmm, I kinda like drawing Riley with her hair down teehee mostly 'cause it reminds me that they're both kind of really girly. I've been reading quite a bit of GL mangas lately and ohman am I sick of those ~*PRINCELY*~ "girl" types. I mean, really? They're so MANLY they cannot be girls i don't even
LOL I'VE BEEN on... tegaki and dA c':

ahaha and now it's on a hiatus sob. but i do like your new comic too so it's okay c:

thank you, i.. probably will restart it next week haha;;
fff oh man i come back to like 74 fans what ;A; I'M SORRY MY SJ HIATUS WILL TOTALLY BE OVER SOON i showed one of my friends Sync and she totally motivated me to keep going with stuff c': guh see all i needed was someone to say "IF YOU DON'T UPDATE I'M GOING TO GO TO HAWAII AND SLIT YOUR THROAT" sob

before i start drawing pages for circumstances again, i have to ask.
would you guys totally hate me for restarting?
as you can see, my art has improved leagues since i last updated and the first pages are kind of burning my eyes. We didn't get very far in the story anyway and it'd be a different beginning ;A; guhh i'm sorry guys.