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My hobby is reading comics, and i made that account to comment on them. I want to do some comic in future but i hardly can hold pencil with my level 0 of drawing skill XD
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Heh.. He is going to be evil protagonist, that's gonna be fun, maybe later he will go back and steal all those cute pokemons, they would be worth much more than George bunch of Pidgeys ^^
I think comic was fine. Art was great, but story was interesting too. Well the end does seem a bit rushed but it was, so thats nothing strange.
It would be nice to read more, but the most important thing is that you accually finished this giving readers a clear ending. The most sad things is when internet comic just stop being updated with no info and became abandoned in the middle of things happening.
So maybe he is the one who will die or something, but "can't do it with you" could means something bad will happen with the vessel anyway. It smells shady when he says: "vessel won't suffer from process" but then also "it will be bad for Karin".