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@Solstice21: Oh I just need to favourite thanks
So wheres the comic about Mollie and Omar living their lives as dungeon dwellers and being attacked by every explorer coming by, I mean this is obviously a crossover between that comic an On borrowed ti- wait these two are NOT main characters of their own comic well looks like they just got a spot On borrowed time! Thank you thank you im here all month!
Why does Lux always have the most amazing facial expressions seriously theres a new one every page!
Malachi deserves the hit but poor rune is just a mostly inoccent bystander
By one sentence I went from disliking her to loving her why are all your characters so cool!
*laughs histarically in the background*
Okay I did NOT expect that from Dawn she so blast first ask questions later so is this a bit of a Re-write or am I missing something
Rollcall orbs are really only useful if your teammates get lost and are attacked and you want to save them... So who's gonna need saving rune or Malachi?
Arlo won't ever rival the twins for favourite but he's coming in at a close third
Love the new style and why is Blizz call Vay by his species name?(unless im missing something)
Woo! new page and a random tree? If this is what happens in a low tier mystery dungeon then well we'll have to see what comes next
I love how through all these years talon's expression has never really gone past mildly annoyed. Oh and storytime! Or possible framing of a murder you decide

And Naya still trying to unlock her inner vaporeon. You'll get there someday Naya
Lux's face in the last panel is just perfect XD
I dont know if its just the new style (which I love btw) bur Miku seems much shorter than flame
I only liked her before now she's rivaling Lux for my favourite character!
Poor blizz can't even get a good nights sleep
Lux at last panel be like *activating instant kill*
Hmm a possible attempt on your life or having your sister constently watch over you glad to see you have your prioreties straight Grenth
Running running running running!