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and my heart is happy to see this again! I think I needed this, so thanks <3
@woolysox123: sadorable, huh? perfect word!
January 9th, 2018
that last one though... how even?? haha
"how to milk" ;D
ha ha

ohyeah, coffee can be scary too~
hahaha yes xD
oh geez, milk... *cries*
so that's how they met! :O
oh, I remember this part! it was my favorite when I read it the first time around :)
ohnoes not the hair!! D:
hahaha aww
hang in there, lime! xD
January 1st, 2018
lucky shot for that dude getting caldwell to sort everything out :D
wow a lot of pages since last I droped by! I like where this is going :)
hmmm, Ithing snow would look good in a red hat ;)

I think the pages already were comic styled in the format. though this is for sure more traditional (and easier to handle if you'd wish to print later I guess?) but I think the way you used to put it up was more dynamic :)
why can't lilith see Aah-mu's eyes? :O
whaaaaaaa? :O
June 28th, 2017
@Gloomyprince: is it someone with long green hair?? <3

also, seems I prefer reading this on smackjeeves after all :P
@Some Guy: Even Rocky had a montage!
you don't think YOU happened, Cal? ;)

btw, loving the updates going on!!