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wow a lot of pages since last I droped by! I like where this is going :)
hmmm, Ithing snow would look good in a red hat ;)

I think the pages already were comic styled in the format. though this is for sure more traditional (and easier to handle if you'd wish to print later I guess?) but I think the way you used to put it up was more dynamic :)
why can't lilith see Aah-mu's eyes? :O
whaaaaaaa? :O
June 28th, 2017
@Gloomyprince: is it someone with long green hair?? <3

also, seems I prefer reading this on smackjeeves after all :P
@Some Guy: Even Rocky had a montage!
you don't think YOU happened, Cal? ;)

btw, loving the updates going on!!
ooh, will the chapter end before 100 pages??
I see meself in yu, young laddie -arr .)
burn baby burn!
@Enkidu: ditto!

man, I've still got a cassette tape somewhere with that song looped on. I used to listen to it while working haha
ah, I took the time to reread the whole comic yesterday and today. it's such a good story! and wow... 2013 feels like yesterday when looking back. I really appreciate that you keep working on this comic :)
wow new chapter, I'll be looking forward to see what comes with it :)
April 19th, 2017
I imagine the intermission being full off arguing :D
yay half life 3! xD
March 29th, 2017
@galaxyspark: nice with some family time :)

have you thought about mirroring on tapatastic? they have this tipjar thingie you can add too
@CAMLOST: That makes me glad to hear that I'll have much more to look forward to read :)
wow on to chapter 7!? you've come a long way with this :)
February 14th, 2017
aaah, the rare artistic skill of being able to draw a bike with someone riding it and having it look natural -kudos!!
February 14th, 2017
@SunnytheUnicorn: loved the old version and looking forward to the next! :) here we gooooo