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You have no idea how Erik's belt makes my day. It cracks me up every time I see it. Like a chastity belt, only twelve times cooler. The picture is gorgeous {I'm quite fond of Reitch's facial expression} and so is the layout.

Congrats on the nearly two year anniversary. I have no questions. But I'm sure I'll think of some.
She's so adorable! Definitely my favorite character. <3 Can't wait for chapter two!
Shouldn't Charlotte be working?
Seriously, I wonder if anyone is missing her at the moment. But I guess it looks like she's helping a costumer, even if it's helping to assert his reckless and sadistic character. It works. anyone going to swoop in and save her? Or is she going to be awesome and get herself out of it? I guess we'll have to see.
I red the first few panels so many time. Reitch you evil reaper you! Poor Erik. Something tells me that it will be really awkward to talk to Charlotte now.
A wonderful picture! I'm in love with Charlotte's dress right now. And Erik's face was very well done. But I was half-expecting a picture of my favorite psycho reaper (I have a problem; I can't through a comment without talking about him). Ah well. xD Maybe the next filler.
Yay for Rietch month?
Ah. I love Rietch. xD

If you do go as him for Halloween, don't forget to post pictures! I'm sure everyone would love to see. <3

Also, I'm loving Erik's outfit. I think I need that tie.
I was always wondering how he got the scar! This explains EVERYTHING.
Jesus, he's like a medieval emo kid. <3 Adorable, all the same. A tad too adorable. It almost makes me like Erik.

Seems like it will be an interesting comic. I'm not a fan of prequels. But I will still check it out, more than likely.
Aw. Poor Bob. He looked so sinister too. With his shiny head and funny eyebrows and whatnot. Rest in peace Bob the Villain that Never Was!
I've been looking forward to Charlotte meeting Rietch. xD I'm actually really excited that it wasn't Erik. If it was, he wouldn't be able to fool Charlotte into falling in love with him!
Yeah...bad theories on what will happen next. I has them.

That's it for my ramble today. Great page, keep up the great work!

P.S. I read somewhere that you accept fanfictions, correct?
I love how Charlotte looks in this page, particularly the second panel.

I also like the new layout, it has a very elegant feel. Although the brightness of Undeuxun's hair color is a little blaring compared to the softness of the rest of the page.

Other than that [and me having to deal with Rietch and Tangie being gone from the layout] I love it. Excellent update!