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Illustrator, Animator and Comic Artist! Creator of Sorcery Shenanigans and My Illustrated Life (Webtoons + Tapas)
It's hard finding your friends when you're taller than them!
The Start!
Thanks for your patience, and I hope you enjoyed all the guest art!
Last Guest Art
The final guest art is my friend James drawing Cyrus! Looks much more like the older brother you should look up to than I feel like I portray him as, haha. Go check out more of James' art on his Facebook Page Art of James Newton or on his Instagram @ james.fignewton !
Guest Art #7
We've got one more guest art after this, but this one is from my friend Hannah! She drew Clarissa, who seems to be more of a favorite than I thought. Wonder what she's thinking about? See more of her great art on Instagram @ schondoodle!
One More Day!
Tomorrows the day that the comic starts, but we've got quite a few pieces left of guest art! There'll be multiple uploads today so keep an eye out! My friend Jacob drew Prospero and he definitely looks like you shouldn't fully trust him. Check out more of his art on Instagram @ captainsals !
Two More Days!
It's the second to last day of guest art and my friend Lissa drew Clarissa! For not knowing a whole lot about her, other than the reference sheet I handed her, Clarissa is definitely in her natural habitat. She looks so calm! Check out more of Lissa's great art on Instagram !
Guest Art - Carley Shepard
Three more days to go!! And today we've got a piece with almost the whole crew! Carley went above and beyond and drew six of the cast from Sorcery Shenanigans having some fun shopping and petting a cow. Please check their other art out on Instagram @caricat95 !
Four More Days!
Ballinger is one of my Professors at college and has been very instrumental in helping me shape Sorcery Shenanigans. He's been a great motivator after showing him pages during the process and recieving "That's it? I want more!" He drew his favorite Alek, and added some chickens to keep him company! A HUGE thank you to Ballinger for this fantastic art and all the help and motivation on Sorcery Shenanigans and My Illustrated Life. His website is the signature in this piece and you should REALLY check his work out! He does some very good artwork and photography!
Guest Art #2 - Skylar Caine
Here's the second guest art!! My friend Skye drew their favorite boy, Tempest - look at him go - he's got so much energy.

You can find their art on their Instagram @skyebloo52!
Guest Art #1 - Isaac Hatch
Here's the first of the guest art leading up to the release of the comic next week! Isaac is a good friend of mine from College and he chose to draw Prospero! His instagram and website are in the bottom of the image so please go check him out!
One Week!!
One week until the first four pages come out! Until then bookmark this place, share it with friends and check out the trailer on Facebook, YouTube or Twitter! Get ready to READ NEXT WEEK!!