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Conatgious Electricity
My name's Elliatt, I'm normally very energetic and very nice, abit over expressive, but aren't we all sometimes. Unfortunately I try to do my best at everything and though I try not to be, I get discouraged easily. At this moment I'm feeling down, constantly so I'm not as willing to do anything I'd normally do....except draw which I still feel is crappy no matter how I improve and upgrade. I write stories, some of which I'll turn into comic someday. (if for no other reason than to practice drawing comics) Just so you know, if anyone gives a damn, I still read comics, just never write comments anymore.
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You see, the thing is we're all chasing you to hug you because we love it so much. Like... SO MUCH... Like... COME HERE!!!
I am LOVING this chapter! (And the revises to the comic).
I... think I'm in love. This comic is so BEAUTIFUL! The art and the coloring are just fantastic. I can't say enough.
This is intense! I love it!
I felt really molested in a good way...
I love you :3 I really do, like I think you're brilliant and I just want you to know your comic was a highlight of my day when I was going through stuff (bullying and what not) and I've enjoyed seeing the progression of your art and your skill building (it give me hope for my art) and I'm so, so glad you still love this comic and work on and I adore the fact that you update as often as you do (like even when you don't update for weeks it's better than waiting 6 months for 1 page lol) and yeah. I hope everything works out and stay strong and... this message was too long lol
YAY!!!!!!!!!! Love.
Finals are bitches! I had two sets this year, literally I took 2 final exams for every class and it killed me lol I think its sweet you're updating at all lol
I looove you.
That last panel killed me with cute
DAT ASS!! I wish I had a meme thing right now u_u

Thankies for bonus art!
lol For your author's comment you totally should have put the words on the gates of hell in Dante's Inferno! It would have been AWESOME!!
I just want to rant about everything faulty in logic when it comes to underage and underage sex in art in relation to the law. It's kind of ridiculous because as long as you don't officially state ages, you could have ANY age doing it and that's what people do but that's not considered bad, that's "cute". What about comics with 2 teenagers, that's allowed. Or a 100+ year old immortal something and a 16/17 yo. Or stories were someone underage is raped or molested, that's considered OK to print/draw. Why are there SO many exclusions and loopholes to that rule and they're all the same thing just different context! Obviously, there is a cut-off age where going below that can be considered wrong/illegal, I'm not saying there isn't, I think 16 should be the cut-off age honestly. What kills me is this though: If you're going to police, you should do it around the board. That's my only problem. This is mild and it's all over TV. At least we aren't like Japan on this subject.
This comic is SO beautifully written and so beautiful drawn, I've had it on my favorites about a week and I finally found time to read it <3 so happy I did
Where did you interview I want to go!
He's like pepe le pew...
Why is she so sugar sweet? Its like trying to dislike cupcakes or bunnies...MUST RESIST
I've grown to like that girl :( buuut I'm too much of a misogynist to really feel anything
I hate when someone does something so embarrassing you face palm for them. You're so good at plot making <3