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April 29th, 2018
The villain of this comic who's name is... not to be revealed. You'll know soon enough.
While I don’t have any more pages yet, I thought I’d post this for now. Also to show that I can do at least a little better than these I just don’t have the time I’d like to perfect them. I will be trying harder though! So here’s our main character again.
The main character of this story, Adrien
I just want to say I really love this comic. I just read the entire thing all over again. I enjoy seeing your style and skills evolve through out and the fact you have an ACTUAL STORY! I swear it's not just because its a bl but because the story is so freaking good! Keep up the amazing work, you inspire me so much!
I came across your comic this week and o have to say,this is one of my favorites! The characters are more realistic than most and I love your style! Keep up the amazing work!
I absolutely love this, I noticed though that his collar that he wears in the next page is only on in the second to last panel
Oh gawd that face just hurts me.. THA FEELS. ;-;
Any one ever play Resident Evil 4? First thing I remember from the last panel is the Merchant:
"Ah... I'll buy it at a HIGH price, stranger"
How are you handling the weather in New Mexico? Haha I'm the one who said I would be going to college in New Mexico. It's a hardcore weather change for me and it is KICKING MY ASS.
Heeeeee's gonna tell them where Mika is at isn't he... WHAT AN ASS.
We've had 112 O.o
I simply LOVE how much of an incredible dork he is!
I think I just realized though... I ACT LIKE THIS DORK. Woe is me, I shall give him all my dorkiness so he can just have a DORK OVERLOAD!
Although that just may break him D:
Haha it looks like his pants are about to slide right off! ..... Not that I would mind of course.

p.s. Sir. Your shirt is also falling off. This is a sign. A SIGN DAMN IT!
How is it all these artists are going to New Mexico?? I'm going to be going to college there next week!
AWESOME. Except that it's in Santa Fe lol.
You were right, I damn near pissed my self.
BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! That is over whelming dork power there if you ask me, SUPER ANIMU!!!!!
You... have no idea how hard this made me laugh. I'm not even kidding. You glorious little creature you~ Dem faces are just so INTENSELY AMUSING.
Ohoho cocky indeed~

... I'm sorry.
I never knew squiggle squiggle meant I like having sex with you... I'll have to remember that. Maybe not for myself, but to pass on to others. Tis mighty wise squiggles indeed...
I don't think your pages are crappy at all. It's actually pretty cool that you take the time to color EVERY. SINGLE. PAGE.... And to animate them!