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So yeah. Ask questions here, or on the giantitp thread. Preferably the latter, since I hate having to quintuple post over there.
In case it isn't clear, Squark blasted through the ceiling. And the next floor's ceiling. And the next's. And so on. Incidentally, I'm approaching strip #50 (I have a fair number of fillers)
THat's right, I'm updating again, with new Art! Of course, I can't be sure about the frequency, because as this comic suggests, the main character doesn't have art ready.
Getting distracted by interesting quandaries, that is. Not getting stuck under giant fists.
Well that was a bit of an anticlimax, really.

Also, I am quite aware of how horrible that gazebo looked.

Lastly, the "Energy Bolt." thought bubble was just a psionic power being manifested, not an art mistake.
Gah. Comic for Friday will be a day late.

I don't have a buffer yet, and my family went to the museum today. sorry.
This is a fairly cliched way of motivating someone, but it was about an hour away from the deadline, so I needed something fast.

Trivia: Because I never posted the previous comic on , which is also hosting TOS, this comic was posted about an hour earlier there.
Couple of things

1) In case you were wondering, the theory of narrative causality is from Disc world. See the tvtropes entry for more info

2) I just realized something. Technically, Chrysalis displays more emotion than warforged are supposed to be able to, because they don't have eyebrows.
New comic today, come back at...

Look, I'm not good with GMT...

Just later, ok?
It's back!

As the title suggests, every seasoned gamer knows the story of Eric and the Gazebo
Yeah, sorry about that.

I'm trying to get to work on more comics...

I'm just hitting a road block...
Not that anyone reads this anymore, but L&L will be... changing, a bit.
No, shameless plugging would be sending some art to David Morgan Mar's Awkward fumbles with a link to this comic...

Yes, I did that too...
PART of it. The other part was a 1 1/2 page paper.

The Romeo and Juliet Study Guide I did a while back was also a school project
This is not the comic originally planned for Monday. I posted a proper TOS comic on time, but was so unhappy with it I decided to replace it with the poster I made for my Health Project. TOS will resume Normal updates on Friday, hopefully, or next Monday, if I'm too busy with the FRC regionals.
Now that you mention it, Chrysalis's eyes are a bit far apart. I did fix the issue with Squark's eyes in the next comic anyway.
I have been dying to use this joke...

And now I'm worried its a bit... complicated.

Trivia: This comic was accidentally released almost a week early when I added it to the buffer!
Yay! The first comic in... I don't even know how long.

NOTE: I have no intention of bringing any of the legal jargon Squark discussed back. He's actually just ad libbing here.
Apologies to anyone this title offends, but...

Still. You have to see my point.

In other news, I resized the characters' eyes to be closer to Rich Burlew's form. Unfortunately, I think Squark's eyes make him look... Moronic. Confirm/Deny?