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<('_'<) <------ look it's kirby.
September 30th, 2009
I forgot Jer was unconscious again..

It's like he does this on purpose!
So... Much.. Epicness..
Each page view we get now is a free cookie.

Jer's so smooth~
Holy crap... Backpack is awesome!
You are a genius.
Haha, "No friends." xDD
Ey, Gabby!

You okay, girl?
That last panel threw me off guard. xD
Aww, I hope you get your computer fixed soon :C
Super Lazy Page 2!

Now that I think about it.... I think I made Mouse the main character by accident... ._.
Super Lazy Page 1!
Got the 4 pages finished....

Sorry, I didn't ink them.

I guess this is sort of what my comics look like before I ink them... Except with less lines..
I'm trying to end the fight, but I made a bunch of pages....

I finished the draft, but it's going to be..... rushed... So please don't expect SUPER EPIC DRAWING AND DIALOGUE. I'm trying to get it finished as fast as possible. >_<

Oh ya, welcome MoonLover. Characters are awesome!
No one posted for 2 weeks! T-T

I guess I'll post next.... I'll try to wrap up the fight so Yue-e can post.
Gratz Delores and Happeh Birf Day

Is anyone going next? I have an idea, but I don't think I'll do it.... I feel like I've been posting too much ._.

Plus, finals start on Wednesday and I probably won't have time to do it...
Ya, we are.
Kay, finished the map.... A little big though... I'll fix it in a bit.
Dang..... Oh well, I'll try asking her again.. Hopefully she'll reply.. =_=;;
Sorry if this is spamming but...

Someone told me that only Backpack accepts applications to join this, but...

I've PM'ed her twice and it's almost been a month now.... Maybe longer...

So I came to a conclusion that she must not check her inbox.

I'm just wondering if anyone else here can accept applications, because I don' ever think that I'll reach Backpack ._.