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Multimedia artist who draws with minerals in various states of distress.
@Guest: Zygarde 10% Forme
You draw such fantastic expressions!
What a cute introduction to these characters!
Oh I love supernumerary, what a fantastic page.
Someone give this bird a waffle.
What a beautiful cover! Just enough colour to help draw the eye around the setting.
Another prompt from r/mysterydungeon.
Every little piece adds up. It is worth saving the world for. Mild poetics.
I'd say it is inconsistent in a good way! You are finding your voice with strong colours and poses.
Upload Error?
Was trying to see if there was any difference between 17 and 18, but nothing is jumping out to me.

Edit: Knowing how SJ's uploading works, I can totally see how this would happen! You are welcome~
Red Lines
The blood pouring becoming borders to direct the eye to the middle but as well as the skulls below, just lovely. No idea what is going to happen, but this gives a great ominous mood.
@REE-Quester: If you did it was likely the Stardust story!
Stories to Tell
This page will only update if I have finished the script and general layout of a story.

You may have a chance at influencing a future story if you think of something really good to post on r/mysterydungeon on Wednesdays.
May 20th, 2019
So Lovely
I can't believe this work doesn't have a single comment yet. What beautiful work you have here.

This page especially. Its direction, design and colour showing a span of time is just so lovely.
Stardust End
Thank for for reading.

The next short story will be called Modicum and will start next week.
That hair gel is so on point.
Together forever. Then your duties are fulfilled. Spoilers for Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games. Poetic short.

When I first wrote this I wasn't thinking of doing any more oneshots and thus is in a different format than what is to follow (only this chapter will be in this 3x4 format).

Warning for poetry. It haunts us all.
Because there isn't enough PMD comics, here is a series that is about little oneshots. Every chapter is a self-contained story.
The original design of this was made for 2018 Inktober.