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Multimedia artist who draws with minerals in various states of distress.
My Heart
Hey, if big budgeted shows can have cliffhangers so can you.

In the meantime I will make sad noises at this page.
Give yourself a buffer!
As much as I'd love to see more from you, be kind to yourself.

I've done the Uni thing, it will always find a way to either completely suck away time or energy. Best an update once a week with a building buffer than to accidentally put yourself on hiatus because uni has set your wrists on fire.
Really loving these two's dynamics!
Wlatsome: No body is perfect.
Thank you for reading.

This one was weird to write as I remembered Rescue partner being a creepy clinging being but not to the extent when replaying for reference. For those who do not recall, some of the Eevee's dialogue was quoted verbatim from the game.

The next piece is called Wlatsome. Warning for any that deal with any form of dysphoria.
So glad this comic has returned!
@LKWayvern: Is fixed, thank you for alterting me!
Thank You
It doesn't feel real. 20 readers and I've only just started. I'll be honest, I wasn't expecting anyone to give this series a look given the mildly unorthodox-ness approach I have decided to go for.

I hope each story will see you well, thank you.
This feeling is so strong, it must be right! We're perfect together! PMD Rescue.
@Guest: Zygarde 10% Forme
You draw such fantastic expressions!
What a cute introduction to these characters!
Oh I love supernumerary, what a fantastic page.
Someone give this bird a waffle.
What a beautiful cover! Just enough colour to help draw the eye around the setting.
Modicum End
Thank you for reading.

The next story is called Avarice.
Another prompt from r/mysterydungeon.
Every little piece adds up. It is worth saving the world for. Mild poetics.
I'd say it is inconsistent in a good way! You are finding your voice with strong colours and poses.
Upload Error?
Was trying to see if there was any difference between 17 and 18, but nothing is jumping out to me.

Edit: Knowing how SJ's uploading works, I can totally see how this would happen! You are welcome~