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Multimedia artist who draws with minerals in various states of distress.
New Cover
New cover for now.

For those too young to have experienced this:
I know some Pokémon comics are excited and have been putting SwSh mons in their work. For those worried about spoilers, do not worry, I have no plans to put in any of those fantastic new critters in... yet. Not for the next few stories. It will likely be next year before I do so.
November 1st, 2019
Sorry about your health. I am glad though that this comic has not died.
Saviour – There are many ways to save the world.
The last panel is just lovely. So wholesome.
@Somethingspudgy: I don't have an insta, but I do have twitter! Do tell me when you get one I will be sure to follow~
Do you have a twitter or something. The fact I'm the only one subbed to this beautiful work is killing me.
@REE-Quester: Will admit, not so sure what is "anti" about this comic yet. (Perhaps it is something yet to show itself, the comic is still very young?) To me this comic has still been very much celebratory, just aware and self critical of its origins.

I look forward to more, thank you for your hard work!
@MR.Zoet: Oooooh yeah, copic markers and those like it need special paper to be used properly.

When I do watercolour I tend to just use the cheapest cakes/blocks(?) when sales come about. Using the water pens makes things much easier to control! You can put the ink right in it if you only want to use one or just let it have water and dab into which colour you need.

If you ever come across any and wish to do grey scale stuff- India ink does very well on most paper and plays a lot like watercolour. Only add water based on how much you wish to weaken the black.
@REE-Quester: To start with, the rough snark and the playful existential dread! I love the character dynamics of Team Detect that have been presented and look forward to how they maybe broken down further later. I could prattle more about it but I like being able to find the right words to express such things, sorry!

I know for most people PMD is purely for escapism entertainment but its such a breath of fresh air to find others who also want to rustle with its many unanswered questions.

You deserve so many more readers!
This comic speaks to my soul.
What sort of inks are these markers and watercolours you are using? The watercolours I play with, if I'm careful, can be used on the cheapest sketchbook paper (but not basic print paper or it does become mush). Most marker inks like bristol or plastic-feeling (forget the correct name, sorry) as otherwise it just eats the paper.

Do you use water pens for your watercolours? I recommend those deeply!
Just look at that smarmy expression! I love this brat.
@Murp: There are many very well made things I do not care for, as well as many low-effort things I absolutely adore. It is not the creator's fault if we do not sync, people have different interests. No mistakes.

I did not create this to make others sad or happy. There will be silly stories, there will be soulless stories. The larger goal at hand is to answer questions and replace them with even more questions. If that is not to your interests, by all means, there is nothing wrong with not liking this!

Thank you for reading what you have! Your comments were very fun~
Rereading this and realising I need to draw a story with some scarves. I'm missing out on a grand tradition here.
So relived you have returned! This comic is beautiful- nearly every panel is a treat of shapes and colours~
Wlatsome End
Thank you for reading.

With this my SJ account has finally caught up with my Tapas. The next story is called Saviour and will start posting near the end of October.

Thank you for reading.
Thank You
For some reason 50 beings have decided that this comic is worth subbing to. Thank you.

For this thank you I thought cleaning up a cut scene would suffice. I write a lot of background to understand how a character will act in the "now" of a story, even if the finished piece ends up being too abstract to possibly matter to most readers.

So please enjoy a little moment between Ayo and Ime.
Oooooh my heart! Not but one but two aces‽