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Kris the Demon
I'm Kris (my real name's Luke but let's not dwell on that). I'm a fan of gaming and anime/manga. I'm a spriter though I'm better at writing. I'm also known for my razor sharp wit and my modest nature.

I'm always in the mood for a laugh.

Also I now have a blog in case you want to hear my ramblings on games and the like.
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Hey guys. Like it says in the comic description, updates will only be on Wednesday for the time being. This will (hopefully) only be temporary.

Though I do have a little announcement to make. I'm finally going to be accepting cameos. I need some civilians for the upcoming stories.

There is a news post with more info. I will link to it once I figure out why the comment system is screwing up the URL.
Typo in panel 4. You put "Put the" twice.

Edit: Your welcome by the way. ¬_¬
Funny I've been watching the old Justice League cartoon recently (I was bored). To quote Green Lantern, "There's always a resistance isn't there?"
Link please.

Also that joke alone has made me want to read. Not bad.
Well that was a long one.

Hey guys I'm back. Well if you read Filler House you would have already known that but that's beside the point.

You want to know what's ironic about this page? It's the 52nd page of Mobius Ring I've made this year. Which means when I went on hiatus I was one page away from fulfilling my New Years Resolution for 2011. Let's see how many more pages I get done before years end.

Also not only is Sonic Generations out but so is Issue 256 of STC-O (which at the time of writing I haven't read yet).

I don't own Generations yet but I have been listening to the soundtrack. DEAR LORD I WANT THIS GAME JUST FOR THE MUSIC!
Who vandalised that police box? Bring the top back right now!
@Samurai pizza hedgehog: Wow, good eye. I didn't even notice it.
@Iwillbenapo: Why are you trying to rationalise slang?
@gatemaster: I know. I was making a Mr L reference.

Who was that guy in green?
Seriously though, did you miss me?
I feel I owe you guys an explanation for dropping off the face of the earth like I did.

As you probably already know I had a technical issue that forced me into a hiatus. It's not the first time this has happened but this time, I dunno, I just started to lose interest in webcomics for a little while. Maybe it's my rediscovered love of gaming. Maybe it's because I found a new haunt in a new gaming forum that cropped up, who knows.

That said I still do enjoy making and reading webcomics and I'm not ready to stop just yet. So sorry but it looks like you're stuck with me.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have some favourites to catch up on.
Glenn looks like some cartoon character I vaguely remember from when I was a kid.
I don't know why but there's something about reviewers going off on random tirades that always makes me smile.
What? The guy with glowing red eyes is evil?

My mind is blown!

*bricked for being a smart-arse*
Photoshop mainly but I do some minor stuff in MSpaint.
I didn't actually attend Summer of Sonic yesterday so the joke is a little-well it was a stupid joke anyway.

Also some of you may have noticed that I've left a little hint here to a future event. If you have don't spoil it, I want it to be a surprise. (I'm a rotten bastard aren't I?)
Okay I confess, I had no idea what to do for this cover so I kind of gave up. Sometimes it happens.
Fun fact: Super Sonic was actually inspired by Dragonball Z. Once again though it doesn't help this comics case any.

I'd like to apologise as I became a little defensive in my comment on the last page. I make a sprite comic myself that would fall apart from this kind of scrutiny (though I'd like to think it isn't this bad).

Personally as someone who sucks at drawing (I didn't draw this avatar) I find it weird you talk as if it is so easy but that's just me.
I am really happy with this page. On the other hand though the story itself probably won't look as good now. Regardless Issue 4 is over.

I have more to say but I'm delegating it to the news post this time. Please check there.