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I wonder if this and the last page will just end up being filler
Nice to see an update
I think this comic is very good, i added it to the wiki of a subreddit called r/pokemoncomix feel free to check it out
I gotta compliment you on the expression you drew on the 6th page
Feel free to let people know about your comic on r/pokemoncomix
I figured this page needed a comment
Hey, if you need someone to correct some grammatical errors in the script i'm up for it
Hey i'd just like to let you know about a subreddit called r/pokemoncomix . The name is self explanatory and i'll recommend your comic there if that's okay with you
6 minutes past since you uploaded and you already got a comment, congrats
Is it just me or did you give the espeon boobs?
Hey i was thinking of making a pixel art comic myself , then i saw this! It looks really nice, mind giving me some tips?
Is it okay if i let you know for r/pokemoncomix? Or maybe this is a little uncalled for...
Well, here's the link anyway:
Huh, so this is going to be a kind of post apocaliptic comic with pokemons? Interesting! Anyways i'd like to let you know of r/pokemoncomix feel free to promote your comic their although if there's gonna be gore or black homour please say so in the post
It's great to see people making new pokemon comics! If you'd like to let more people know about it feel free to post on r/pokemoncomix it's a new forum for the community
I hope it's okay if i let everyone here know about r/pokemoncomix , a place for pokemon comic readers and creators to discuss things and promote comics
I love the expression she makes in the first 3 panels. You really did well on representing her feeling
@EpicSignal: Is there a reason for this? Maybe he's planning to go on Hiatus, or maybe because of the summer vacation?
Ik it's a late comment but the expressions are great