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Wallace's mom's face is exactly my face :D
IMO, Reese and Vinny would be adorable, too adorable for the internet to handle. It's the pairing the web deserves, but not the one it needs right now. One day.
Is his bulldog still a puppy? seems a bit smaller than the bulldog i had :p
Lol, i can only think of cotton candy when i see jordan now, especially with those baby-blues a his <3
aw, i was gonna say pretty much what HiderChan said but they beat me to it :< damn the pool in my backyard and the inability to be at my computer while in it so as to comment first!
ok well tell me whenever you decide :3
you actually responded to my comment and you liked it eeeeeee <3 rawr i wanna affiliate comics with you so baaaaaaaad... (that sounded really dirty when i said it out loud lol) i've actually been meaning to ask you for a little while now but i was too nervous that you'd say no cause your comics rock cause you're a great artist and writer :<
oh course he did all that, he's KenKEN, not KenKAN'T XD *shot*
:DDD you like kuroshitsuji too?! i just finished the first season and i'm almost up to date with the second! so good :3
woah! magic side-switching duffle!
So who decides what constitutes 'greener' anyway? does greener mean more vibrant? more even distribution of color? brighter like the comic today? What does it all mean?
September 7th, 2009
My older sister USED to have a gloomy bear but then our dogs chewed off his claws. JUST his claws, the rest of him was perfectly intact but without his claws he's not gloomy so much as he just ate and didn't wipe his chin bear.
This page looks really nice! How do you tone your pages btw? I've tried hundreds of methods but i can never get them to look as nice as this!
"OW! my BONES!"

i saw the strings and immediately thought of that episode of xXxHolic with the love strings that bind 2 (or more) people's pinkies forever. <3

i wish my snake tail watched tv for me ;_;
the way you drew their noses makes me want to poke them in the nose XD


D: now i really want a top hat shaped waffle iron!