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i like things.
you seirously don't need to know this.
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*smacks table*
YES! I'm going to tell my Warriors-obsessed friend about this. Let's see how she reacts when she sees Sans...
If you're my friend, reading this, HI! You probably hate me!
Great work! It's really good. Keep it up, and good luck!
@I'm too lazy to log in: AY! Found my comment!
seriously, though, 1-month-ago-me and I agree that death hugs are fun.
MC privileges
Ylil: Yma wut are you doing?
Yma: I'm cutting off my- OMG Ylil what happened to you!
Ylil: I'm a MC
Yma: oh ok
i just realized Yma is amy backwards
imma call her (since amy is usually a girl name i will call her a she) amy now soz
unu bad hair what are we gonna dooooooooooooooo?
cut it, of course!
when are you going on another date~
somebody just got dissed.
and it was amazing.
gud job
i think we all know why Dusk did that...
(btw i just read this whole thing of comics in one day)
Please save me.
jk i <3 this comic