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Heyas, chicas and chicos! (I hope that's right--I'd hate to say something bad in Spanish...XD)
Whelpers, sorry about the filler here. Hopes you all like it, please message me! If there's any fanart out there from my very very very few fans, just message me about it and I'll give you my e-mail. I'll be adding more pages soon, so please bear with my laziness! XD
I'd love more people here--if you like Tokyo Kitten!, please tell your friends! Thanks!

Oh, damn. Cheeeesy...
Oh well. Anyhoo.
Ahaha, fuuun with toning!!! Yeys! Sorry about the sketchiness, but it's grown on me. I sorta like the looseness of the style, but I'll go back if I need to. Whadd'ya think?
So I just watched I Am Legend.

Ohmygosh, I cried SO hard. I can't decide whether I like it or hate it cuz it made me cry. But it was good.

Oh nooooes, now dad's putting on Million Dollar Baby. And I cry even harder when I watch this! I gotta make him turn it or the floodgates are gonna OPEN. TT.TT

I'm such a crybaby. It's really quite pitiful.

Oh, I am SO psyched! I just got brand new fonts, and brand new brushes, and it's just OODLES of fun! Yeys. :3
So, um, here it is! Hopes ya like!
Randa, it wasn't YOU that helped me with the script! Not for the past scripts! I was talking about Lacy!!! Uwaaaah...please don't be mad at me!!!
I knooooow!
Yeh, I know, but I just put in chorus cuz that's what I was in. Heh.
FINALLY I've updated again! I just got back from a chorus competition and we won SECOND place out of THIRTY schools and got the highest rating! Yeys! So...crit and comment!!!
Aisu-chaaaan!!!! Yeys, you're heeeere!!! Mwah! -blows kiss-
Whew! FINALLY got page 7 posted. I want to say I'm really really sorry that it took so long!!! I actually made a WHOLE page on paper, inked it and everything, and then BAM. My scanner doesn't work. So. This is what I made do with. Sorry that it's so crappy.(namely, the hair DX)
So, one of my friends brought to my attention the extremely cheesey script up till now. I had been getting my friend to help write out the script with me, and well...ick. So it's gonna be ALL my writing from now on. And I might re-edit those old pages. :3
Anyhoo, please crit and comment! Page 8 comin' soon, luv ya all!!!
. . . . .TT-TT
Awwww...I told myself I wouldn't cry again...
Anyways, my lovelies, for those of you who like this webcomic, please tell your friends!!! And for those of you who don't...please don't be too hard on me! I'm ver ver new.:3
But yeah, I REALLY need more traffic. It's soooo lonely heres!
I loves ya all!<3
I totally can't believe you guys like my pic...It's supposed to be a self portrait, I guess. It's what I was wearing when I drew it. :3
Thanks! It's supposed to be me...but I'm not that pretty.XD Actually, I'm not really pretty at all, hahaha...-nervous laughter-
I cried while drawing this.
...sorry. I cry too easily...
...I think I drowned my keyboard...TT-TT
Right to left! :3
Awww, thanks! Don't worry, I find just about EVERYTHING cute!
Haha, thanks for the comment! It's really nice!
Well, this one was easy!!!
But I'm getting seriously tired of Photoshop's brushes. If anyone knows any tips for making brushes, websites, hints, etc. please tell me!!!!
Ew. This page looked SO much better in Photoshop.Ehehe...
-nervous laughter-
Hope you guys like the comic so far!
Ohhh, thank yous! It means a lot!
Sorry there's no comic today! I was at an all-county chorus concert. So, um...enjoy the filler! XD Sorry!!!
Ack...5 minutes after posting this I realized that it's basically waaaaay too I'm going to start doing it on bigger pages. In case you were wondering why it's so pixelly, it's cuz I do the pages on Photoshop. TT.TT
The bad thing is, Photoshop has NO good fonts, and when I used Blambot, I couldn't figure out how to open the file! I have no idea how to use it at all!!!
So...if any of you extremely helpful people wanna drop me a pm and help, that'd be awesome! Thankies and I hope you like it!


P.S. Sorry about the script. My friend Lacy is doing it, but I don't really like it...TT-TT