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Well, I like computers, computer games, reading, writing, playing with fluffy animals, and drawing up deranged comics ;P
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Cone of shame...or is it?
Not a cone of shame FOOD ISOLATION CHAMBER, at least, that is what my labrador worked out when he used it to steal food from the other dogs. Oliver does not have other dogs to contend with though soooo...good excuse for pampering instead? X'D
X'D Ahahaha, ah were strong to wait until Season 2...I caved on that front aaages ago. It's really hard not to give my sister spoilers when discussing the new episodes, but at the same time it's amusing to guess how the episode pacing will go regrets!
I have the same problem, although less with spilling things and more like fate conspires so that the days I am wearing pale clothing are the days I end up crawling under a house to rescue a cat, or my dog jumps in a muddy puddle and then wants to shower me in love and paw-prints. XD You can always recycle them as painting shirts though =P
Heheh, my problem is going back to sleep in the hopes of seeing how the story would end XP
No worries
I wouldn't worry about it. If she is a professional dog trainer she will be used to, well...dogs. I would imagine she would have probably seen quite a few quirky personalities by now =P I think the only thing that would be rather off-putting would be say, hyper-aggression.
Yes, people are a scary unknown variable, but if you want to do it, don't let that scariness factor stop you. To use a weird swimming pool analogy, there are times to dip a toe in (which gives you the opportunity to back out) and there are times to just jump. It depends on how much it matters to you.
Yep, 100% accurate XP
XD This was me last night only it was 2am when I looked up.....
Ah dear, my labrador had to wear one when he had eye surgery, at first he was saddened, but then he realised that it was actually a portable food isolation chamber, with which he could descend upon the unsuspecting breakfasts of our other dogs and there was NOTHING that could be done to stop him MWUAHAHAHAHA.
Well at the end of the day it's just a dust-collector, and Oliver is easily cuter anyway ;P
Umm start with still life's maybe? I'd suggest Oliver as an adorable art subject but he might defeat the purpose of the 'still' part...
The same thing happens to my parents whenever they go on holiday. We joke that it's the English weather following them around.
Awww go on, it's the one day when you're publicly ALLOWED to be mushy ;P
Yeah that's a pretty common attitude actually X'D
The opposite is the one where "everyone else makes mistakes EXCEPT for me, even if I DO make a mistake I will be very quiet about it and/or blame someone else anyway."
But yeah, you have to be kinder to yourself too, and if you're still feeling guilt-ridden and that's not working, consider this: otherwise we're just basically implying that we think we're better than everyone else because we should be perfect ;P So the ONLY solution is to forgive yourself for being human too ^_^
Heh heh, now when people ask how you became such a good artist you can tell them you had special 'artist hands' attached and you can still see where they connected them up XP
Our dogs are weird too. They pick at what we give them for breakfast, then when we're not looking sneak off to eat the OTHER dog's breakfast. The weird thing is, it's the exact same dog kibble >.>
Our cat does this, only he likes to sit on your face/neck
Oh dear, you'll have to invest in some nightlights - they are a must for us as we have a medium-sized black dog who likes to lie in the middle of corridors...ah good times...
There is such a thing as over-watering, and too much sunlight, when someone says a plant is hard to kill, it usually means that if you forget to water it it'll be okay XP But yeah, I like cacti, I had a 2 year old cactus nicknamed George that I watered whenever he looked a little yellow, and he did fine...until I got a labrador puppy who liked to destroy pot plants and George went MIA...RIP George...T-T