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Hey pplz watsup? Description:
Just got serious about drawing and currently a begginer. I really hope to get better so if you have any tips, they are always welcome.
I likes anime, games, movies and other stuff i just can't seem to think of right now ^^;
Mah fav website include include the following: deviantart, youtube, smackjeeves, squirrelworks, snafu-comics or any other site that hosts webcomics or has artists.
Personality: I have been regarded as nice shy quiet individual, but when with friends i am a weird, random, and fun person XD,(ahem) or so i've been told...
I'm not a very hard person to please and I'm easily amused. Also my grading criteria is simple: good story + i like ur style = fav+
(i wonder if anyone even bothers to read these things, oh well...)
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DC's back! I kinda agree with someunknowndude. I'd want a short prologue.
oh no please go on...
I'd like to see what u have planned...
Everbody's been busy with stuff( including me) so an update would be nice.
February 6th, 2009
nah, its natural to be inspired by something great.

and congrats on the fans- you deserve every one
to make sure that everyone's got it

2nd panel- Robyn- Hold on tight! *saves Kentaro*

3rd panel- Violet- Gotcha! *saves Pyuki*
Pyuki is tranforming. each pair of panels is a part of his body that transforms from before to after. Get it?
btw are u sure that ur PMing u won't work??
not that our fans care, but I'm very paranoid. I don't wanna post the entire plotline here for everyone to see...

so please check again if PMing u won't work and then get back to me.
the part that got cut off says
"He struggling to maintain his form !"
Crimson- As if you didn't feel vibrations?
darkravin, i feel the exact...same...way...*twitch*

lemme explain the problem to you:

i don't have a scanner
therefore ms. kay osse is my scanner
but sometimes her father won't let her near the computer to scan + she has a life to live and thats completely understandable. It just sucks for us because now we can't update a regular basis. This comic is practically on hiatus or even dead to some ppl.
Longstory short= This comic is suffering because i don't have a freakin SCANNER! *explodes*

- oh and to answer ur questions -
Darkravin- the pages were ready to be tossed into the web ages ago

Aristotle- Sadly no. As much as Id like for someone to get working on the next pages, we have to wait for the four pages that I have done to be posted. :(
wow o.o
wasn't expecting that...
Me Neither!!1! >.< *flails*
December 15th, 2008
back from hiatus, i see :)
and I agree with Greenfire8484 he does look useful.
i kno what ya mean. The more the merrier :)
I could never make a collab. Its kinda hard to get ppl to join.

...but i don't mean to discourage you, by all means, go ahead.
no one seems to disagree, its fine by us, as it seems
we're still here
... well I am. Anyways, don't worry, it usually gets this way when pages are being made.
They'll be ready in like a week.
i lieks it, but the question is do u like it?? It does seem a bit more sketchy though...
i didn't know furries were allowed =D
there's quite a few pages
so expect them in like about a week or 2...
ok, back to business, is there any one who wants to do the next pages or could i do them ?
This one of your best works, Kay!
He looks really cool!