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I love to draw. :P
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I agree!
This was amazing. i don't hate you for it! i just feel so bad for Yuki. ;w; But Oh wow. The feelings are just so sad now that its over... i want to read it over and over.... This whole things was so creative and imaginive filled with heart and heartache. I love this an di can't wait to see more come from yu. you are an amazing author and I'm so glad i read this. It was addicting and still is. and I really wish it didn't end. But everything good has to end sometimes... T-T Bravo! *claps*
Awwwww T-T
awwww! no!!!!! its over thsat was an amaing ending! Now the title ties in its so great ;w; and sad! Poor Yuki! i love the flashback thing. I love it all. This is offically one of my favorite manga and i want you to publish it!
Oh my god! no!!!!
Its not cheesey its so sad i like want to cry so bad. i'm holding it back!
Awwww!!!! ;w;
;w; T-T awww ;~; But Yuki!!! ;w;
OMG!!!!!!!!!! :O
I seriously screamed "Oh my god!!!!!!!" over and over when reading i'm like freaking out i'm about to cry!!!!!!!!
T-T awwww no!!! T-T
Nuuuu! T-T
I need more! xD *is addicted*