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Hi there! Cheers for checkin' out my profile. The names Misiru, or Ru if thats easier haha (to be frank even I'm not too sure on the pronouciation on my name, hm...)

24 year old freelance artist who makes comics on the side...sometimes lol orz

Feel free to chit chat with me, I love to make new pals.
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December 21st, 2013
I should shoot myself for this because I literally spend most of my days doing nothing in general........

December 19th, 2013
H-hi guys ;u;
Was at a concert not too long ago and I noticed this guy with an awfully cute looking shirt. I'm not sure if I should be upset over the fact that I noticed his shirt first before noticing his cute little face...


AAA I'M SO SORRY about like the random disappearance. Had a lot going on in my life during the month of September that really sort of slowed things down for me. My bad! Anyways, crossing my fingers in hopes that I can return with regular updates eue/ Missed you guys! <3

Just a heads up there will be NO update next week however. Christmas falls on that week eue;; busy, busy. Will be an update for sure on the 30th though ;D
September 10th, 2013
@Guest: Ah yes? eue; Haha I suppose wearing socks to bed is a little unusual but its comfortable to me lol
September 9th, 2013
I'm definitely one of those people who just can't lay still...


If I ever get married I'll certainly be sleeping in my own bed ahahahaha /sobs.
For anyone curious as to why I've missed two updates /sobs

@Gol: Dang son, 6am? I wouldn't be able to handle it haha, I can STAY UP until 6am, but strangely I can't GET UP at 6am...this is why I shower before bed haha.

@TravestyArt: DONT JUDGE ME /sobs
@TravestyArt: LOL I do the same thing orz ... and I wonder why I never have any food /sobs.
One of life's constant issues.

I am the best kind of adult.

The non-adult kind.
I know I can't be the only one that does this. I mean, there are just some days in which I ain't having any of that standing up and washing yourself crap. Nope, nope, NOPE.

At any rate I feel the need to point out that it IS a little unreasonable to shower with the curtains open but I was too lazy to redraw err'thing...I have been busy if you couldn't tell from last weeks missed update lol

I also know it looks a little unusual to have a towel wrapped around you while showering but theres something a little uneasy about drawing myself naked...even if censored, idk
I AM STILL RLY UPSET ABOUT THIS. I only noticed where I was standing AFTER meeting up with my friend orz I had been there for a good ten minutes too and I just--


(Side note idk why I suddenly look like a grade schooler. I suppose this is what happens when you draw a page after only getting an hour of sleep...lalala)
I WISH I WAS JOKING. Seriously, every time it rains and I use an umbrella the bottom of my pants just get SOAKED. Even when I'm wearing ones that don't drag across the floor.

And for anyone who might suggest; "Oh, perhaps a new umbrella might help?" I'm...afraid not. I've used several different types, even my dads super ridiculously huge one and STILL I get wet. Even if theres no wind /sobs

Umbrella, y u no do your job?
@Gol: Ah ~ you and I could be good friends

@DOG:....drawing dicks is drawing from real life, lmao


I think I really burned myself out while I was tanking through commissions. Whoops!

In all seriousness though I am envious of those who can draw whenever, write whenever, do whatever at any given time aaaah. Lucky ducks.
I am an adult, the best adult.

I am also 100000% done with this page because I accidentally lost a layer? and had to redo the entire thing so that wasn't fun.

My sister and I actually compared her healthy, oatmeal flakes cereal to my chocolate one. Turns out its actually pretty good for you. But I dunno, it just doesn't FEEL healthy when the back of the box says it turns your milk into chocolatey goodness...
Sorry for the lack of an update last week! For those of who don't read the news page I had a bit of an emergency to deal with at the last minute gomen. Thankfully, it turned out to be something minor.

I was also in a bit of an artblock /sobs. Trying to work past it but you know, those things are tough as balls.
@TravestyArt: This is 100% true...
@TravestyArt: Ah thats smart! A shame I have an outdated phone though /sobs.
/sigh sometimes life is unfair, ah well! Maybe someday.

P.S. I got a hair cut. Ah ~