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I like darkness, OK, I don't like it, I <3 LOVE <3 it! It's wondeful and makes my little crazy world go round! Not surprisingly, black is my favorite color. No, I'm not goth or emo or anything like that; I'm just me. Yes, I like alternitive/punk rock and loathe rap/pop/R&B/hip-hop, but I also love classical and think that most country is ok. If anything, I'm just the local 'non-conformist', but I never strived for that title. I just happen to be gay, athiest, vegan, dark-loving, R&B loathing, Madonna-disliking (yes, its possible for a gay man to dislike Madonna), math/science geek.
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Loving that Mulligan, a notorious misogynistic chauvinist, announced that he has a cunt which he wants sucked by everyone. Irony doesn't get more beautiful than this page.
You read my mind; I did go 'aw'.
Or, Christo,
it could also be his "job" to trust that Lauren, if and when presented with the situation of Rick making an actual sexual or bluntly romantic move on her, to decline and refuse it.

Though, from my own person experience, I know having a friendship where your friend has non-mutual feelings for you does not work. Ever. They will hold on to the hope of you possibly being with them, and will become jealous towards anyone they see as an obstacle or threat. In that sense, Christo is right, Lauren needs to drop Rick like a soiled douche.

However, I will disagree with him in regards to a straight man and woman not being able to "just be friends;" it's called, "putting someone in the friend zone," where at one point you desired having an intimate relationship with someone, but due to circumstance you can't and mentally nip the attraction to them in the bud.
Just wanted to say
I LOVE Patrick's expression and comment in the third to last panel. That is all.
Am I the only one?
I'm not sure, but I don't think Peter will step in on this one, at least not right soon enough. After beating Mel's abusive ex to a bloody pulp, I think the Slugger is a bit more hesitant to attack anyone, no matter the situation. It made him afraid of his own wrath, and while he's out of his slump, I don't think his phobia of being a brutal monster is gone, and it might just make things end badly.
Can't wait to start reading the actual comic again! I always look forward to reading every page as soon as it comes out! In my opinion, you have one of the very best comics on the entire web!
First of all, I just want to say thank you for making this great story, and second: Cheers.

Also, I don't think this is as ominous and remorseful. From the foreshadowing earlier in the story, I think something bad happens to Michelle. I don't know if it's her fault or not, if it's everyone's fault, someone in particular, or no one's fault at all, but I'm pretty sure something terrible will happen to her. But then again, I could be speculating too much and Michelle never reenters any of their lives, and Peter's depressed about how it ended with her.

I do know she was the turning point. Sure there were already cracks in the surface, but after she broke up with Christo, everything fell to pieces. Looking at her picture must've sent a wave of depression and emotions flooding back to Peter all at once. And knowing Peter's thinking, he probably blames himself: for telling Michelle about Christo's mother, for not doing more to be her friend and get her to stay with Christo, for not being able to prevent everyone from going their separate ways, for wishing there was just something he could have done or should have done that could've kept everyone together and everything as it was.
Dake's strong
From his gentle nature, you'd never think he's as strong as he is. But he is. I has the self control & will power to hold back, so I'm sure he'll be able to break free!
It seems that Peter's getting more poetic with his monologues. I don't want to say more figurative, since he's always used figurative language, but he's less long winded now. His monologues are also less question-y. They describe and let us think for ourselves about the what-if's and what-may's. We know he's thinking them, everyone is, but now he can allude to them while still talking about the current situation.

P.S. Love the Dork Beer.
Michelle loves Christo. I wouldn't be surprised if she actually loves him more than he loves her, but as the saying goes: "If you love something, you have to let it free."
@deathekid: It's not like it's been used. It's only been thrown off a balcony.
Is it just me
or is Patrick extremely thin? I mean you can see his ribs! I know he's always been slim, but still, he seems to be drawn very thin in this comic. It looks like he hasn't been eating.

At least he didn't end up going home with some creep who likes to take advantage of guys in an over intoxicated state like the one he was in the night prior. Well, this guy could just be putting on a facade. Creeps tend to make themselves seem like the caring sweetheart.
Don't worry
It's not boring. You're a great artist and the pages have enough plot in them to keep us entertained. Besides, personally I like the dose of realism you have in the story. It's not like *poof* here's the characters, and *poof* DRAMA! and *poof* climax where they have sex and everything is roses and peaches. Real people are complex, real life is progresses over time, and so is your comic. Stick with it please!
Now that's a surprise. About Christo's heritage. Not that Michelle didn't know. It has been shown that Michelle doesn't always pay attention to what Christo says (he told her about going to Spain for winter, and when he brought it up again, she didn't remember). He also asked her to meet his family for Christmas, and she denied. If someone isn't that interested in your family, you probably don't feel like sharing painful memories about it to them.
Gib, I'm not sure where you get your info, but even cute straight guys at gay clubs are less welcomed than you think. Sure, many of us (gay men) don't mind them, and then there are a few of us who like to hit on them, but there are others who get annoyed because we just want a place to escape from the straights and be 110% normal.

As for our boy Pete, I don't think I'm actually looking forward to him in a gay club. And if drama goes down in there, I hope he's not an actual part of it.
This reminds me of when I used to be a dishwasher. I lasted two weeks. I hated that job, and my bitch of a boss always complained that I was too slow, when I was never a dishwasher before and she compared me to her other dishwasher of 9 years.
Why the hate?
Yes, Mulligan is being crude, but in a humorous way. I thought it was clear that Mulligan was joking by the second panel when he answered in blatant, non-chalant, sexist manner even though it's clear he isn't sexist. In the third panel, he's makes a nasty grilled cheese-pussy joke (how can anyone be serious about that?), he retorts, antagonizes, and teases all while having a cheesy grin across his face. That's not being a douche bag jerk, it's just being a super-lame-it's-actually-fun comedian.

And as far as the Christo and Michelle thing goes, he wasn't fucking Michelle over. He never made any promises to her, and they weren't even really friends. Christo however was his friend, and he just did what everyone else wanted to do, but didn't think was their place. Having no attachment to Michelle, he didn't have their dilemma. It was a shitty move on his part, but he didn't fuck Michelle over. It was news that was bound to come out eventually, and Christo and Michelle did get past it, sort of, so you can't hold that against him.
So true
The comic I'm currently working on I have to say I've started... at least 3 or 4 times before. For me, my motivation is in where my comic's headed. I want mine to be more of a graphic novel, and not just random stories. Lately I actually have a plot going for it, so I've finally posted an intro up online. There are still a few holes in the plot, but at least I actually have one now.
That sun looks so pedo, it's not funny.

...actually it is; it is very funny.
Go Tommy!
Go Tommy! Don't let the little gyosy child get killed!

Ya know, I find it kin of funny that Tommy's all right with the mass slaughter of so many adults and even older children, but when one little child is theatened, that just crosses the line for him.