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Hi! I’m MattIshida23! Im (now) a magical child and I’m a huge Digimon fan! I like Digimon S1-2, Zatch Bell, Keeper of the Lost Cities (on book 3), Voltron, Pokémon Xy and XYZ, My Little Pony, and My Hero Academia (On S2). I’m also found of Yandere simulator. Please check me out on Quotev as I Am Tai Kamiya
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    Call me H.Rae
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I’ve tried, it works for me and sadly I’m lactose intolerant so I need to take medicine before I drink warm milk. I don’t like the taste either
I love the way you draw’s just 👌👌👌👌
Oh shizzle berries
Let’s be happy matt can’t see this....cover your eyes matt
What should we know
I love this comic
*hugs violet*
0//0 I-I.....Thank you
I recently looked up anime characters with braces and now I feel ugly....I’m also sorry for not updating a lot lately my Sumer has been crazy...
Wow! This story is getting REALLY good!