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I'm into Art, computers, reading, anime, manga, bishie boys, being lazy and sleeping
Adam Lambert and his band. This is the disney safe version of For Your Entertainment.
Adam Lambert and Tommy Joe Ratliff if you don't know who they are google it. :) Here's a picture for you though:
This is not my character or style. It is from the Life is Good Clothing line. It has a little life is good guy that is happy about everything. XD
Naruto is in the banner, because I made it really quickly so I just added a bunch of images sitting on my computer that I have already drawn. Plus he had the perfect brainless expession.

The naruto was for a quick interactive flash that I made which can be seen here:
Yeah Ishammael, the projects on a long hiatus. Both the artist and writer went off to college, so they are no longer able to meet after school to plan. There is one or two more pages more that need maybe ten minute more work on them to post them, but I don't have the files to do it myself. Sigh. ^^;

Yes there is language in this comic and the next, and for once the pages aren't supposed to be happy random.

This story arc goes into explaining what lead Kai's to his love of glitter. ^^

Yes sorry for the lack of updateyness. :(
May 24th, 2006
Yay! *drools*
May 24th, 2006
*giggles* when imagining what "work" would be if the priests really were overly perverted and corrupt.
Anna's Kai's girlfriend if you don't remember.

Carl wanted me to color the pants. Don't ask me why. And usually he's the one to add the text to the strips, cause he rarely writes scripts before hand (he just tells Lora what to draw). But he told me what he wanted them to say so I added the text bubbles and text for this (not that you can tell a the difference or really cared). ;)
You are however welcome to color the already toned comic pages. And we'll post it in the fanart/ filler section and add a comment with link where the page you colored is here to let people know to see the colored version.

Thanks for the offer though. :)
It looks to me like Kai just pulled a shot and pills out of his pocket, but I'm pretty sure it's just a bottle of glitter and some pennies. :)
And look: Lumina is being responsible.
The old lady is not to be messed with and Lumina is certainly enjoying herself, even if Kai isn't.
If you are wondering where the cart came from, look in the last panel of the previous comic. It's there, I promise. :)

Well then, rest in peace Kai, rest in peace.
This is where the comic switched to traditional style manga toning. Sept for those other ones later down the line with the other coloring.

The idea behind this comic, is those random chase scenes you see in cartoons where they end up going all around the world... and through a blank frame.
Lumina's "nice and polite act" is already over. She's a little impulsive. She sees something she likes and she just "locks" on. Now she may not have locked her sights onto Kai so harshly if, (1) he didn't save her from the big dog she's so afraid of, and (2) he didn't have that obsesive love of playing and spreading glitter over everything and himself right before he went to bed. It's not just Lumina, the elves of dark do like the shiny. =P

It's hard to see, but Kai is blushing when Lumina shouts out "I love you. marry me!"
The reason for his obsession will be covered in I believe the next story tangent about his past. =P
yes, you totally have improved a ton! like the pages on your comic look awesome!
Hope you enjoy reading our comic!

Oh and hey, I thought it'd be tacky on my part to add my name to the cover page. Anyway, hi I am the editor, and brother (carl)prodder, creativity and continuity correspondence, comic comment writer or whatever you want to call me. XP I'd think most would stick w/ editor. haha.
Kai and Anna are dating.

Kai really likes glittler, but it's hard, if not impossible for him to keep it a secret.