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bowser time
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Yay! I've been missing this comic..
yay you updated :3
yay update :)
Yea...I got really lazy with this page lol
Rofl, so true..
Gyoshi: 16 Lisa: 5 LM: 15
my first page
yeah uh..sorry about the 1st page being so short..the giant earth kinda toke a lot of space..
Gyoshi: 2 Lisa: 0 LM: 0
I love slowbro :O
Can't wait till it really starts! and uhh update soon.. or
Its looking awesome so far! :D and have a great birthday!
Lol, kinda random but some what funny lol.
Yeah UPDATE!!!! :) update again please, lol nice comic. 5 stars
YAY!!! its back! :)
Ditto is so cute! 5 stars :D o and have a wonderful birthday :)
I knew that! >.> why you have 12 fans is because this looks awesome and everyone has to love big brother/surviver :P by just the first page I can tell this comics gonna be awesome! :)
Hey, I wanted to ask how do you change the next,last and first buttons?
This looks good, is it like big brother or something like that?
I guess riku won't need his wallet anymore. LOL!!! XD