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Childproof Cap
What is Childproof Cap?
Childproof Cap is what happens when you combine a yaoi fangirl, a yuri fan, an idea, and a procrastinating artist and grind them up until thoroughly mixed. Put on one of those impossible-to-get-off medicine caps and there you have it.

Who is Childproof Cap?
Our group consists of TSS, the writer, Momo, the artist, and Sora, whom has no specific job but says she is "SUPPORT". We are wild animals with ideas. DO NOT PET, FEED, OR GO NEAR US. WE BITE.

How... no, when... no, why? Yes, WHY! Why Childproof Cap?
Childproof = word contributed by Momo. Cap = word contributed by TSS. Why 'childproof'? Because we're childlike. Why 'cap'? Because we're impossible to get off (like those annoying medicine caps).

We're all in New York. Period.
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    Childproof Cap
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Obviously the friendly face and happy smile mean he's the big bad... /obviously/
*wheeze wheeze* I just read through the whole thing *huff puff* and I can't stop laughing. The giggles! They won't stop coming out!
Momo: I'm sorry for the sloppy panels guys T.T
Random guy is very dramatic.
Momo: WHY DOES EVERYBODY LIKE THE CROUCHING HOBO? D8 Btw, it took nearly forever to do the brick wall >.<
TSS: 'Cause he's adorable :3
Sora: Um...-bleep- looks like he wants to mug Alex. errr...standing hobo. XDDDD and also...panel 2 with the toast? ADORABLE!! -sorry. lack of Rock Band kicking in.-
Even reason cannot reason what's going on
XD I love this comic more and more everyday
*pinches Tomoyo's cheek* That's so adorably cheesy now go say it to Megumi instead of Yogi bear girl

Less moping Tomoyo more confessing!
I like how Tomoyo just drops the guy as soon as Megumi hugs her
Sora: Alex. Boxers. what more do we need to say~? Thank god for Arnie XD oh and the first two panels? XDDD the magic of PhotoShop and Momo. you gotta love the magic.
TSS: Part of magic's fun is that you don't reveal it -_-
Sora: okay fine... -deletes it- mwahahahahahaha now the secret's lost forever! -i really deleted it-
sora: nyehehehe~ Alex in his boxers~ *heart* That Arnie really is something though, eh? XDD yum yum eat em up!
TSS: Alex is too skinny to be yummy XD. And anyone who reads the Author Comments will think we're insane.
sora: but aren't we insane? and i like skinny guys XD people should always read this! and we should always post one XDD and he is TOO yummy
TSS: We need to get Momo in on this commenting. And I want an Arnie plushie.
sora: yes we do XDD i can try making one for you~! XDD but he'd end up more like a sock puppet... maybe...when i learn to sew stuff...?
TSS: I made a sock puppet samurai once...for a project... maybe I'll throw him in EE *trying to stay on topic*
sora: XDD sock puppet samurai~!! how about...sock puppet steel samurai?! imagine that!! a sock puppet made out of steel?! wouldnt that be cool?! and it'd be custom made around your hand when you order it!! YEAHH!!! -totally derails topic-
TSS: That'd be awesome! And it'd go with my ringtone *is such geek she made her ring tone the same as Phoenix's* ... Maybe we should move this conversation to AIM...
Momo: LOL NICE JOB GAIZ. What happened to the quality of this page? D:
TSS: No idea =w= I guess I'm not allowed to edit pages anymore.
Sora: bwahahahahahaha bet you can't live without support nao~! see?? support IS a job! like motherhood! though i dont see how they relate...
Momo: Sora, you have the page, right? o.o Edit it *-*
Sora: My turn to comment! idea what to comment on... OOOH I KNOW NICE JOB, TSS >AO O! -thumbs up like larry XD (major phail)- and sorry mah comp crapped out at this time TTATT I had it done but it died and i had to format it TTATT
TSS: Poor Alex having to deal with the weird things I come up with. By the way this page's typesetting was done by me which is why it's really bad =w=. Sora's compy broke so I had to do it.
Now all Megumi needs is a Tomoyo signal
*sigh* Now if clonking loser guy on the head had been Tomoyo's plan from the get-go she would have been spared the pain of trying to get Bear-suit girl's bear suit.

Really thwacking guys over the head is much more effective then bearsuiting them.
congratulations! You just won the internet *Hands over internet* Now excuse me while I go wash my eyes out
Tomoyo stop talking about beating him up and go do it!

But Tomoyo's wrong bear suits are very cool all the ladies love bear suits *nod nod*

*reads all the comments* What! Bear girl's only in this chapter. T-T Bear girl needs her own spin off comic xD.
Momo: The thing next to the guy in the first panel is supposed to be his sword on its side. And his gloves magically disappear in the second panel, yesh :3
Momo: This page is basically people... dying ^-^;; The order is confusing... I'm sorry.
Momo: Yes the guy in the first panel is injured. The squiggly line is marking the blood xD
Momo: Firstly- That's not a tree branch; that's lightning xD
I didn't put much detail in the weapons, but no worries, you'll see them later.