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I'm from here and there. I like cats, comics, bannanna ice cream with rainbow sprinkles and almonds, Hellsing, and small rabbits. Anyway, read my comic, I'm not really that interesting. :)
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Moving and relaunching!

Firstly, I'd like to thank everyone whose stuck by 'Why Me' spelling mistakes and all! Secondly I'd like to apologize for never completing the series. Unfortunately, since I made this comic up as I went along I eventually could no longer figure out where things were going. It is for this reason that I've decided to start 'Why Me' again from the beginning. I hope you'll enjoy the new version as much as the old version!

So, follow the link below to enjoy the new 'Why Me'!

Also check out the relaunch of my other series 'Blood and the Art of Baking'!
Sorry for late updates. Oh man that guy does look a lot like Cindy. They're not related but I'll try to make them look more dissimilar in the future.
sorry it's in Black and white, this page took me hella long and I have a new project I've been working on. I'll try to post it in color next week along with a new page.
January 30th, 2010
I wanted to get through your comment but mgeeq isn't actual name so I didn't bother. Good luck with finding something else to read.
January 30th, 2010
Unfortunately right now I'm not sure when I'll be updating but I'm trying for at least once a week.
January 23rd, 2010
Thanks :) We'll be going back to the real realm in... four pages or so I think. The next page is a pain to color :P

No, She doesn't have wings but it's kind of a good general fairy threat.
January 18th, 2010
Thanks everyone and I'm glad you like Why Me! Doing the crossover with Yu+Me was great, I've always liked the comic and thought they would go well together.
The dream world and the closet realm aren't related, though they probably look similar in parts.
Till now I'd forgotten that Sabrina the teenage witch had a closet realm. I wonder if I subconsciously was thinking of that. I did watch it a lot in HS.
I'm trying to update right now about once a week but I'll probably update more when I have free time.
Hope everyone keeps reading :D
Originally I'd meant for this realm to be a bit more cheerful but there was something about the steam punk industrial look i liked.
November 14th, 2009
Back for now!

I'm sorry for being gone so long! I tried to make the new page extra spiffy! From now on I'm going to attempt to spifify all the new pages with color! and better line work! I had a lot of fun with these new pages and hope you like them ^_^
:D relatives are wonderful aren't thy XD
I don't suppose that toast will ever be eaten though. The hard lemonade is mostly gone though :)
April 27th, 2009
Thanks guys! :) I so missed working on this! New page in 5!
April 26th, 2009
Finally I have returned!!! It only took me 5 or 6 months! XD Sorry about that D:
October 5th, 2008
Hey hey!

So, for those of you who don't know I've been working on a revamp of my first comic Blood and the art of Baking. The story surrounds a vampire baker, her evil ex girlfriend, her human crush, two eternal werewolf counter guys, an Emma Watson tribute cake, and eventually giant vampire rabbits! It's not too far along yet, 8 pages in total, but I'd love to hear what you think! I've really liked the feedback for Why Me (which I've been thinking of starting over in a tighter style like the one I use for Blood and the art of Baking).

Yes! Gravitation! I knew I'd recognized the image XD

What manga is your icon from?
thanks! ^_^
September 6th, 2008
thanks! I'm glad to be back working on it, I didn't mean for it to drift.
September 6th, 2008
What's this? A new strip? OMG! I've been gone for so long but now I'm back! With a new computer and will to make more pages :P
trying something different, no more bars i think
Wow, that doesn't appear in mozilla but I just checked explorer and your right. I'll fix this!