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Hello to all! (I know, crappy greeting...)

Anyway, if you wish to know more about me, here's a list of general interests.

*Video Games
*Writing (My muse actually... I can't draw too well these days...)
*Drawing (Whenever the art block isn't hitting me)

I'm a fan of many many things. Too much to put @.@
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I am loving the comic so far, and your artwork reminds me of what I had been attempting before I just stuck with writing. Keep it up! Oh yes... shameless plug... I have Dead Island as well, looking for friends on the PS3 :3
October 17th, 2009
I think I just had an uber nosebleed of death... wow... I want a sexy doctor like that.
Oh Zadel, he knows his way to an angel's heart doesn't he? When he isn't pissing off the angel, of course. At least he tries. Go for it Zady!
You seem to get better and better each time I read your comics. Keep up the good work, and enjoy your vacation!
Miss Prissy Pants indeed, I knew I liked Amber more this entire time for a reason.

Oh, I haven't ever glomped you before Amiko... -GLOMPAGE- I love your comic...
Ooooh... more... must have more... -Shakes you- Not to mention, I love all the fanarts. Kudos to the artists!
-Green with envy-
Welsher x Peep FTW -Pumps fist-
Go Abel... show us that angels have a backbone! -Hoots and hollers-

They act so much like angered lovers... so many pairings, so little time! T.T
Finally have time to read this, no more skool for me! (Until the end of August... stupid college)

You style seems to be getting better to me, so your hard work is paying off Milky.
You're alive! -Hugs- I thought college killed you and then I became afraid for my own life, considering I'm a 'freshie' and whatnot. Glad to see you're back.

Improve at your own pace, don't let anyone rush you to do anything.
Snow White + Poison Apple = OMG NO!!!! He should kinda think about it, even if Abel is protecting him.

As for you Lozer... no doubting yourself. Just take your time with the comic.
Your comics always give me the giggles... and I am not a giggly person. I almost missed out on this comic Dev, but thankfully I got a whole day to finally read it. Love it and you!
Aww, poor Herz... he wants fanboys to crowd him. One day he will get what he wants, but until then that is what class is for. I must jump your bones for not updating lately Milky!
Don't rush yourself for us hungry fans, just let the pages flow. I love the comic... though Izumi should kill Akirou for stealing her sketchbook
February 24th, 2009
Lemme think about giving that fanart to you once my second trimester in school is finished. I know I suck at math class and... I'm gonna suffer for it.

Tentacle monsta!
February 2nd, 2009
I want to steal this song! (Oh wait... I did already, LOL) That is sooo not an excuse, but... I'll draw fanart in the middle of my pre-calculus class if you want, I can try at least. (I suck at guys, they all look like boxes)
I didn't realize just how evil she was or how far she was willing to go to get what she wants. Exactly what people need in a villianess... *Gets things thrown at her* Not that I like it! I hope she burns...

An an update, I didn't expect this. I absolutely love you for it.
January 27th, 2009
I wuv you! -Hugs- We all only know that my sense of humor is a bit... mean, but it's normal. Update I say! I demand more!
I love the new banner, it's beautiful just like all of the things you put onto paper. And I really enjoy seeing Edward jealous of a much older man.
That poor bird... I mean, Zadel is sexy and all but to try and eat her? He should be trying to eat Abel instead of making him mad! I mean... er... um... feel better Lozer ^^;;