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I'm not a very talented person. (odd way to begin a bio. don't ask) I read much better than I write, I look up much more art than I write down, and generally waste my creative urges wishing I had some ounce of artistic talent.

I don't, at least not much of it. So, why am I here?

Beats me. Maybe someday I'll figure it out.

As for hobbies, I just sort of do whatever I feel like at the moment. Eat. Game. Doodle. Sleep. Meh.

I like Breaking Benjamin. Good band... bored again.

Yeah, I get bored a lot. So I'm easily distracted by - HEY LOOK A NICKEL!

I like to doodle. I don't draw, that'd be an insult to art. No, I just... doodle. It passes the time.

I hate school. It's a royal waste of my time and my parents' money. I think classrooms just cause mental decay in people who don't want to be there - I'd rather teach myself stuff, like stuff I actually want to know. And can use.

Yeah... that's me. Kinda. I'm bored again.
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You didn't say three.

I can't AW if you don't.
I actually think the new template is very nice. It's simple, yes, but I think it's an improvement. And yes, Kramer's appearance only serves to make the comic even better.

I'd tell you to keep it up, but that's a waste of energy. Of course you will.
Gibson's such a joker. Afflicted with diseases and dying, heh, hehe... are you?
@miguelito2dp: No, he can't. Because he's an asswipe.
Is it just me, or is the dialogue in the last panel backwards? It's probably that you've planned that to be deceptive - I for one would like to believe that - but it IS a bit confusing.

Or... maybe I'm retarded. We'll see.
You win, Jacob. You have extinguished the final bit of doubt I had in the authenticity of your comics.

And I'm feeling like that was a bit too verbose. Can't go sounding all stuck up 'n' stuff.
Fantastic. I don't get to do anything for Halloween, and now I have to talk about what kind of underwear I wear to people on the internet.

Uh, just boxer-briefs. Without the band. Yeah... awkward. But you DID ask, Jacob. You ASKED FOR IT.
Uber-blech. I would like to point out that we ate burritos for lunch yesterday. I would also like to point out that I did not eat the burrito, because it was yellow, and I'm pretty sure burritos are not supposed to be yellow.

Anyways, awesome. And I like the long comics. I just haven't checked on 1000 for a while.

Please don't beat me.
That is the PERFECT way to greet mythological beasts.
To commemorate this 1st birthday of your comic, I present to you a coupon redeemable for one free Internets.

Whether you like pointless internet memes is irrelevant -- it's about the only present I can e-give you other than a "cool comic, keep it up". And you totally don't want that. Nuh-uh. Laaame.
This is the part where I should throw a hadouken at the guy. Too bad he's a fictional character...
Life lesson.

Be nice to pumpkin monsters. It could save your ass one day.
Death might be afraid of someone he can't "take". Not entirely sure who, but someone who is over his head, so to speak, might be pretty scary.

On a side note, Mr. Xiam, you seem to be a time traveler. You posted the comic on the 23rd, but your comment seems to have been posted five days before that. Curious.
No one could forget Melody and Macabre, silly. But, such a bold claim gets me excited for the sequel, despite the fact that I (and the rest of your fans) are already excited about it. So, worry not. We'll wait for you if that's what it takes.
I'd like to say something here, but anything I say would fail to convey my feeling toward this comic. You are truly a genius, sir, and I look forward to reading more of your work.

Read up oh dear Guest, should you ever return.
McCockface, do you realize the irony in your post?
I refuse to eat Cheetos because of that. So not fun.
...Bunny Bread!

What? Oh, come on! That was... oh, screw it.