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When you ate the last pop tart and everyone knows
@Flareon1225 Remember aaalll the way back in chapter 1, where Kris found an egg, and when it hatched, jolteon said that sunshine could consider him as a dad.
But it is the first time, and usually Lazuli usually is the reason speed has no time to hang out with Eevee...
Yea, and recommending Eevee to hang out with jolteon.... Weird.
@Flareon1225 Top of the mornin to ya laddies ( at least I think that is what he says )
Me: hi!
Mike(Pikachu): hello!
Me: yea I got Mike the Pikachu with me now, like speed and trace, me and Mike have been friends since he was a pichu and I was an Eevee.
Vaporeon's reply = flashback to chapter 4
@Kevin The Pikachu wouldn't you be a Raichu if you really were a level 100?
@Tyler The Shiny Eevee look in chapter 5 Axel feels your pain...
@PKM-150 I read your comment yesterday on the special chapter 5 dub, thanks for informing us!
@Flareon1225 but he is still probably worried that the others will get hurt...
I think step 4 is to be yourself...
I think pkm-150 has these ready, right pkm-150?
(from comic dub outtakes) Espeon: You two seem to get along well, con congratulations, I HATE YOU!
Hey you know later sylveon has a pic up in the front, well same here.
She is on his torso... (Chest, I thought torso was a nice way to put it)