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Artist, cartoonist, surfer, spiritual hobo
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    Rob Woodrum
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Rabbi Encounters has moved
I love Smack Jeeves. This has been a great host for my web-comic, and I HIGHLY recommend it to any aspiring web-comicers out there. It came time for me to build my own site, which I've done.

Chapter 10 of the Rabbi Encounter saga begins 3-12-11.
Go to Go to the new site here!

Don't forget to update your RSS feeds.
Klady...I have one more chapter that I've personally determined to do which will bring the story to its conclusion. I appreciate your enthusiasm for this project, its been so encouraging. I'm pretty sure I will leave this story where it is. The birth of the church is a powerful story, but not one I'm sure I'm ready to tackle as a webcomic. I may be doing another project for Voice of the Martyrs (I drew a comic for them last spring) which limits my time for projects like this one.
But again, Klady, you've always been so nice about this strip...I really appreciate your comments!
Yay! Thank you for noticing that Klaydy! I so didn't want to have to ever point that out myself!
Finally...I'm back at it!
To those who've read this over the years, I'm trying desperately to finish this work up. I just finished a pretty intensive comic book project for Clash Creative and Voice of the Martyrs.

Either way...the final chapters begin...and the darkness lifts, to reveal a hope that catches all by surprise!

Hope you enjoy it!
Great to see this here!
I appreciate your confidence Josta! We'll see if it's misplaced or not. ;)

Sam- I really hadn't planned on doing anything beyond this project...but hey, you never know. Just because this particular project is coming to a close, doesn't mean there aren't a lot of stories out there that didn't get covered who knows what the future holds?
The curtain closes
We are coming up on the final few chapters of the Rabbi Encounters project. I can't tell you who read this, how much I've enjoyed writing and drawing this; nor how heart warming your comments and support have been.

Now, as the curtain closes, we have to face the "despair". It is the world of the lonely, heartsick and desolate. It is a place of broken dreams and unspeakable disillusionment.
The lights will fade to black. I'll do my best to communicate it in all its strangling darkness.
I've really been so overwhelmed with the kind words people post here...thank you so much.

We're down to the last two chapters of this project...I hope they tie the whole thing together the way I see it in my head.
thank you!
rubeus...thank you so much for taking the time to comment on this work. Thank you for being honest. It's the knowledge that you are getting what this is about that gives me encouragement to go on!
Thanks for your kind words Klady!
Yes, Moshe, (or Mosheh) is the pure Hebrew form, whilst Moses is the Greek/Latin transliteration of the name.
Glad you like those's what makes this all worthwhile!
appreciate your enthusiasm and kind words Matt!
thank you
Thank you Ryan and Krista, you are very kind.

Krista, of course you may link to this...I appreciate you wanting to .
Thank you Jiminy!
December 31st, 2007
Nice work!
Great style! Nice use of negative and positive spaces. Interesting beginning to a story! Keep it up!
thank you
thank all so much for your kind words. tRickityHouses...I hear you about the pacing...I've wondered about that myself.
Thank You ShardZ
I appreciate your encouragement. :)
thanks man! I like the stuff on your site too (cardboard mononcle). Hope all is well for you out in Tally!
Such nice comments...thank you all so much for reading this little strip.

kladyelf...I wish I could get organized enough to have regular release times...but I update as I get a spare minute in my daily schedule. I'll never give up on this story you can count on at least one update every month...but I usually aim for three or so.

Thanks again are so kind.
Check it out
I'm posting this video on how I go about doing a page for Rabbi Encounters. I always enjoy seeing how other artists I thought someone might enjoy seeing how I work as well.
If you watch it, let me know what you think of my process...and clue me in if there are easier ways.
You can find it HERE
Really enjoying your style...and especially the stylized page layouts! Great work!