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a person who likes to see the world in a light that is kinda weird
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I hope there will be ass-kickery
Nooooooo! It's in Spanish I think
They get beaten on their first try
Oh wow that must have been a big spider
huh i still wonder of the deer and boy are they a mirror or knight and king
well now i know that there are time skips
that spider thing is good they just dont know it yet
That spider thing
I still believe it will help in the future
called it,that spider thing is a good guy
are there time skips and this is such a beautiful story too beautiful?you a god or something?
man, max is scared so easily and yet he has the most bad ass powers. is that intentional?
i feel like that thing will help at a future point in time
i feel like max is going to be a big problem in the future like hes gonna mess up something really big for the gang
its a nice little story but we all know this ends in tragedy. i mean look at the guys haircut, that style is just asking for trouble.
there is its just a really uncommon practice like worshiping pumkins
it stole max's wallet
do their powers even work on the other side? hmmm
@bwooom: shut up you perve
Hmmm....... something is not adding up
so did max have a smoking addiction at one point?