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He Who Abides is a simple man who enjoys trading card games, comics (mostly web-based at this point), and spending time with the woman he loves while hoping she never realizes that she could almost certainly do better. He also might not be the most self-confident of people, now that he thinks about it.
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@AshenOne - shite, I never realized Rain was in with all the guys before. I had to look again when you pointed it out.
Oh, fuck, this is because she put her name down as "Ryan" on the attendance form, isn't it? I mean, the ballot in-comic doesn't have first names listed, so the staff might've seen "Ryan" listed on the guest list and assumed. Especially since the school also has her listed as "Ryan". But how many people voted for her?
@LittleLynn84 - thanks. I wasn't reading this comic until after the vote, so I never knew there was an actual list.
@AshenOne - was Rudy/Ruby an option?
Hmmm . . . so, Panel 1, Rob looks sad. Good, he's always been kind of a jerk. Panel 3, I'd like to know what Holly said; judging by everyone's faces, it must've been a doozy. Panel 5 makes me think that Aiden might be realizing something about Colette; that, or Rudy/Ruby is making him uncomfortable.

Oh yeah, and the King and Queen need to be announced. I didn't get to vote, but I have a hunch . . .
Hmm. I like this, though it means that the drama has yet to continue. That said, Devon's not someone I was worried about in terms of reacting to Rain's past; I always got the vibe that he would be cool.
@AshenOne - oh, that would be hilarious.
And in Panel 3, a seed is planted in fertile soil . . .
I feel Gavin here. Three sisters, all in the same house. I know things no man should know. *shudders and takes a shot of whiskey
It's funny having Rain know the angles that make it impossible for Rudy to have seen anything, seeing as how she's canonically not great at math.
I . . . . don't like this page. Somehow it ends with Gavin as the "villain", even though he's definitely not the mean/rude one out of the bunch. And that just doesn't sit right with me.
@TallMist - holy hell, I thought I was the only one who hated Rudy! And he never gets all that much better, YAH!
@notalltogether - because he thought he'd been a dick to "Ryan" and didn't know how to say it or even really what he was feeling at the time. As a former teenaged male, I get how tough it is to know why one feels the way one does and how to deal with it.
Rudy, you douche.
I've been meaning to ask, is Rain supposed to be using her "Ryan" voice on this page?
@plasticwrap cool to see the response, especially since it means I wasn't the only person who thought Drew was more than just a git. I mean, he was absolutely confused about his sexuality, and being a teenager certainly didn't help in any capacity; who among us could, at that age, be certain of anything? I'm glad that public opinion has started to turn regarding Drew, even if he's becoming Gavin 2.0 at this point. Except that Drew might be attracted to trans people of all stripes, don't know what the term is for that but I know we don't have one of those yet.

Also, because you (kind of) asked, I'm . . . the closest I've been able to pin it down as is demiromantic, though that might not be the right term. Fortunately for both of us, my fiancee is roughly the same, so that works out.

In regards to Rudy . . . believe it or not, him being catty and gossipy, while it's a borderline stereotype at this point, is not my problem with him. It's the fact that he's done a ton of shady/vile things with no consequences. Aside from his disregard for Drew's path of sexual discovery, he's 1) outed both Rain and Maria (knowing full damn well that Maria wanted to be closeted), 2) misgendered Rain JUST TO DUNK ON GAVIN, 3) became a petulant brat after Rain realized she was attracted to other girls, especially towards Ana (who he blamed for breaking up a bad relationship), and 4) sexually assaulted Rain at the Halloween party (because "No" means "No", dammit). At no point are there any consequences for these actions, either. I hold nothing against Lynn for this, as she's great by not writing her protagonists as completely goody-goody types, but I just find the lack of any real consequences for the boy irritating. Just my opinion, make of it what you will.
@AshenOne - fuck Kellen, I hope she gets the chokeslamming she so richly deserves.

Also, yay that Ky doesn't hold a grudge. Holding out hope that Drew can still get the . . . get the Ky, I guess? What's the proper term in this situation?
@Gamenwatch - they should download Pokémon Uranium. It has a gender-neutral avatar.
@CatPerson - He is, for reasons I cannot fathom, a fan-favorite. I was assuming someone would.