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He Who Abides is a simple man who enjoys trading card games, comics (mostly web-based at this point), and spending time with the woman he loves while hoping she never realizes that she could almost certainly do better. He also might not be the most self-confident of people, now that he thinks about it.
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@someone_else: has he said he wants to be called Cole, though? Don't get me wrong, I love the name, but I don't recall Colette actually coming up with a name for himself yet.
First off, KAWAI! I hope I used that right, because it's never happening again.

Secondarily, Rudy and Colette aren't there, eh? Mayhaps we should figure out a ship name for them. I propose the RMS RuLette.

Last but not least, enjoy your hiatus and get whatever rest and relaxation you need. We'll leave the light on for you.
@00Stevo: yeah, it looks like it. DrY lives!
Y'know, Rudy's dialogue here doesn't dissuade me from my theory that the kid is non-cis in some way. The whole "seeing them as they truly are" line in particular.
@Zensunni - agreed. Kiss!
That's a reply to Nyani Koyo. Stupid site won't let me do the staggered response thing most of the time. Grrrr.
I can see them together romantically, especially if Colette is attracted to other men.
Allison is her name.
Someone needs to tell me how to do that thing where your reply is directly below the person you're replying to. I can't get it to work, and it's getting annoying.
@TiroFinale: I misread AshenOne's comment, didn't I? Bugger. I thought it was about Drew and Ky. My bad. I still stand by the rest of my post, just not that first sentence.
Jessica6d9: better than me. The phrase "like Frankenstein's monster at the disco" has been used to describe me before.
@TiroFinale: especially since that man is Rudy.

On the main topic, while I certainly want DrY to work, they're probably better as friends for now. While Drew has finally had his epiphany in regards to Ky, it's going to take time for him to be comfortable enough with his sexuality to be ready for a serious relationship of any kind. As long as he has a good group of friends around him (like, say, the RainCloud), I think it can eventually work.

Now, the mentions of "Ruby", plus that last panel, have me wondering what's coming up next. I've been suspecting for a while now that Rudy's not entirely cisgendered, and I feel like Collette might find out in the next few pages.
Have fun at the wedding, and enjoy your hiatus. We'll still be here when you come back.
@DarkFlameOSecrets - except now this looks more like a shakedown than anything else.
Also, it's weird seeing Debbie defend Rain. Yes, the explanation is all there (links and all), but that doesn't make her feel any less her own Bizarro.
@TulipKitten - Rain isn't quite as slow as Dumbing of Age, webcomic-time wise. Granted, it's a smaller cast here, but I'm pretty sure that it's the end of October/beginning of November over there.
@ChakatBlackstar - pretty sure, yes. If Rain got enough votes to beat all the guys (who all have votes on the ballots that contained votes the staff counted for Queen), than she most likely has enough votes to win Prom Queen over Emily. It would be easier to figure it out if we knew how many people are attending, but I'd say the term "dozens of votes" indicates that she probably won.
@161616 - pretty sure, yeah. Don't know how many students are there, but I think her beating all the guys means she has enough votes to win Prom Queen over Emily.
I just thought of something. If Rain got enough votes to win Prom Queen (since there's only one character who would have voted her King), that means that each ballot that had a vote for her had another name marked in that same column. Aside from the people counting the votes being idiots ("huh, another ballot with two votes for Prom King? Herp-a-derp!"), this means that Rain beat any guy who would have won, all of whom had votes cast on the same ballots that voted for Emily, Holly, Collette, Maria, Molly, Debbie, and the mystery girl Lynn pulled from another work of hers. What I'm saying is, I'm pretty sure Rain's the actual Prom Queen. I feel bad for Emily in that scenario, but it might help Rain not stress as much about this in the end.