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This looks adorable~

lol, the third panel.
The third panel is so cute~
I believe the correct term is fainted Machi. lol, my friend and I have had many conversations about the difference about dying and fainting. I wonder if Pokemon can die from battle. . .
lol, the Pokemon creators don't like looking over reality very much.
I haven't played Mystery Dungeon before, and I have a comic about one anyway. lolz
Really? Hoothoot scare me. With their one leg and all. XD
I always thought it was funny how my little pidgey could fly me places. lol
Man, I wish I had Wi-fi. I would DESTROY. Just kidding, I proably wouldn't. lol
Fatal bubbles of DOOM. XD
Oh my god that is weired. Chestnuts of DOOM! lol

You guys need to do one about how comfused pokemon hit themselves. XD
Congratz, and cute picture. ;D
I love mudkip, kawaii~
lolz. Love the 8th panel.
Looks great so far. XD
Someone gave one star? What a retard. I'd like to see them do stuff like this. I know for a fact I can't. lol awesome page
I love Emerald's expression in panel 6. XD
Amazing detail alert! You have some serious skillz. Keep up the good work!
Purse? I feel sorry for her. Nice page. xD