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September 2nd, 2019
@TH3GADFLY: I suppose I will concede this point to you. I will still be on the hunt for more typos though. I'll get you next time, Gadget, next time... >->
@TH3GADFLY: Would you mind filling me in on your clever word play plan then?
Miniter? Did you mean miniature?
@Frank: Agreed
My guess? Probably no.
A new belt? A power up like the Axel Watch or Hyper Zecter? A bomb that Linker kept as a failsafe? Who knows?
@SuperBunnyBun: Was that meant as a pun or was it just a typo?
@SuperBunnyBun: Well... I mean, triangles are the most basic shape of a blade if you think about it in very, VERY basic geometric terms.
Beefy has two "e"s. Not an "a".
(On the T-shirt of the crazy lady.)
This finisher is giving me Speedrop Rider Kick from Drive vibes.
Anyone else getting those feelings?
That's a nice bit of world-building.
One question though:
Does Snowcrab need to breathe? He's based on an aquatic animal after all.
Zi-O's Face
Lupin (Either for the rider or the sentai)
Gaia (And a book sign, which I assume means the Gaia Library from W)
Cafe Den (With a train and track on the sign)
Also, our lovely rainbow stalker is back between the library and cafe
Good Morning. Not Good Mopning BTW