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Great comic! Can't wait for my book and more comics from you ^_^
i agree with VIPhydeist it reminds me of The Demon Ororon but i like both either way ^_^
Im done with high school too haha
active enough to read it when it updates haha great comic btw
tampa, Florida? u'll be close enough that i could almost touch u
i love the "omg cheese! <3" panel haha his face
i like henry's hair even if it might be impossible haha
haha i read that one front and was like wtf peanut
buy ur box of razor blades today cause they sure r fun!
wow my mind went straight to the gutter
i like the "i work here" shirt
is it gonna one of those "so i was changing a light bulb when the ladder all of a sudden came out from me" kind of stories? cause he seems like one of those kids that,that would happen to them.